The reappearance of the Christ

The essential message of awakening cannot change as it is simply truth -  but the forms it seems to take and the agencies it seems to communicate through change as one's own capacity to bear truth grows.

The self conviction of guilt has to be violated in order to look within.

In any conviction of our own unworthiness or powerlessness or self defining limitation, we are inevitable going to seek 'outside ourselves' for power, worth and freedom. For that aspect of our mind are the ones who carry or communicate the presence of life and light - and yet in truth are not really 'outside'. Those who actively engage in teaching forms must relate in terms their charges can grasp and know benefit.

I once taught dance to 9 year olds at school - not all of whom were there in a positive sense (the alternative class was 'worse'!).
I had to devote a lot of time and attention to the processes of keeping order - albeit in ways that demonstrated the qualities that are also in the dance I would teach.
Look at our own personal resistances - are they not at times like troublemakers at back of class or attention seeking distractions?
Perhaps, as I become more honest as to my own 'games and shanigans' of divided thought, and see them fall away in the light of one mind - the world will also shift with me - as willingness allows.
Perhaps as I shift - it is helped by your passing through your own radical re evaluation of thought and experience?
I feel we are all working on the leading edge - and it is not a private awakening.
The liability of any external or externalized Spirituality or Teacher - is that the egocentric mindset uses it for identity with renewed zeal.
But if that is the road set by our desire - then we will walk it until we awaken to that we deceived ourselves.
So yes - why look outside if you are one who has already answered the knock at the door?
If there is work to be done or purpose to join, it will make itself known and the manner of the work also.
But the nature of the Christ is that light that our hearts recognise and align with - as the Father Call.
It isn't guilt the ego fears. It is that on looking on guilt you will look beyond it.
Then there is an automatic guide change.