Bible, Authority and nonsense

I wrote this replying to a comment to me that had no substance. Not so much for jfelfin - who clearly is not open to communication, but to others reading the page it was on :
jfelfin:OMG! You sound just like Neale Donald Walsh and that ain't good!
Folks, go to the Bible and read, then come back and see what kind of gibberish this is, just like all the other new-age, double-speak gibberish.
Who would buy this? And they say the Bible is nonsense. Give me a break!

The mind of judgement gives rise to the world seen through the lens of fear. The Bible can open this observation to a willingness to listen.
Another Idea of the Bible, is the Holy Spirit, as that discernment through which truth is illuminated, recognised, lived and shared.
Indeed the Idea of the Holy Spirit is That Mind which was in Christ Jesus - for to such a clear appreciation EVERYTHING and EVERYONE becomes a clear communication of One Truth.
Another way to say this is; "Listen in the Heart". When I read you, I let you in - for I have nothing to defend and a willingness to learn.
Having let you in I do not pigeon-hole you into what or who you are 'like' but become altogether present with the communication that shares You - regardless of the presentation and packaging. All of the forms fall away and there is a moment of recognition - within myself, and I have cause to be grateful for a part of me that reintegrates, rather than be separated out by judgement and self-rejection - and projected out onto a world of 'others'.

I feel to celebrate that when people need inspiration, clarity, or a greater perspective upon their life, they are guided and find  - or are found - by something that works for them in that moment or time of their life. By our self we are nothing - and when we drift into fearing or believing we are 'all by ourself alone' we are so trapped in our own (self) judgment that we have no perspective upon what our own mind is making of itself.

New age thought has all the ingredients of any movement. But pause a while and see if at the root a new age is not what the Bible prophesies. 

When you attack instead of communicate - you  associate your cause with weakness and lack of substance. Look at all communications to see what remains when you ignore the attacks - and blatant or coded insinuations. My feeling is that when the form of something inspirational is used for purpose of attack, it is devalued and degraded by such usage.

Your true Authority comes from an intimate relation with your Author - and not with external agencies, books or teachers intent on facilitating that Intimacy. Be yourself, honestly, unmasked and without apology or pretence. What then comes through you will speak of Humanity as it will of God - regardless whether the term 'God' is in one's usage as a pointer to the Consciousness the Bible refers to as "I Am That I Am".

Unless our motive is pure or single, we will make nonsense of everything - including the Bible. This is all a matter of self-honesty. The mind that knows not what it does is a mind in hiding from itself.
Jesus - while being killed by such mentality - said, "forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do". He let Source Consciousness Show him what is really going on when the human mind sees division, conflict, hate and death. 

In our world we have every temptation to become embroiled and entangled in division, conflict, hate and death - and to act out the roles of the ancient ritual by which God is killed that Man may live… alone and apart, as if a power unto himself in a world to seek to prevail over as  if a god.

I write this because there is a willingness in every heart to be uncovered - and because extending the fruits of my willingness is an invitation for others to find their own - and in their own way.

the Second Coming - like the Bridegroom in the Bible - "cometh when ye thinketh NOT!". This is not saying only that it is not anything your current thinking EXPECTS - but that it comes into Its Own as you lay down YOUR thinking and abide in the Movement of Life that is already Moving but otherwise un recognized to a mind-in-hiding. Jesus called it "The Father's Will" - and claimed NO powers for himself alone - for what was revealed to him is true of all.

I am grateful for your expression of freedom. Freedom is the Signature of God in our heart. No matter WHAT we use it FOR - it remains forever freely Given us to share - for that IS our Creation in the Image of our Source or Father… not the physical birth.