The Touch

In giving
Is receiving.

In receiving
Is giving.

To separate the One is to 'get' something else. Yet the One is not lost - but lost sight of, while this 'different' kind of thinking and seeing persists.

In love's awareness such a self-divisive and contradictory act is clearly a pointless or absurd kind of attention or focus.

But within the forgetting of our own love, the mind spins in its own pain to keep out any awareness that does not share its foundation.

The willingness to truly pause or rest the mind allows perspective OF the heart (of the wholeness of love's true nature). And restores the basis from which to share Life as joy.

That we 'lose it' is the opportunity to notice our trigger points. The hidden hopes and fears that operate automatically, before we know it, that reassert the mind upon the heart, and which is never true, and there is no peace in it.

Choosing not to choose the mind of reaction leave everything open for the True to move through or rise as a fresh moment of appreciating.

In gratitude for our synchronicity