Identity in Story

Jon Rappoport's 'what is the Matrix #2 - prompted my contribution below

Recognizing 'story' where reality was given belief and allegiance is release of story as identification - because - even if for an instant - perspective expanded to a conscious awareness of what you are not. The fact that the 'ego' reasserts itself is not the point. The point is that the story by which a sense of self-image finds reinforcement is automatically replaced by the re-purposing script of reintegration - for what seemed segregated off as the separate and autonomous independent 'hero' of its script of self definition - or indeed of its denied sense of power, love or joy - which it seeks redress for - indeed vengeance - and due recognition as its right.

What is the release of 'story' identification - identifiction - but freedom to create - however - to put the new wine in the old paradigm is but an extension of a miscreative distortion in the same old script - no matter how much insight is woven into it - or how expanded its scope.

The alternate scripts or active purpose operating in story is either operating a segregative sense of separation and differentiation over and against Life, Other and World - or a re-integrative RECOGNITION and alignment, balance and timing within Self in Life, Other and World.

Although this is a simple distinction, it is very possible and usual, for a segregative sense of self to operate through the appearances of a co-operative unity, or the appearance of a justified defence against communication or relationship. For the root of a segregative sense of self is a fearfully defined sense of self - be that in any kind of configuration of the qualities of Life. And this fear is hidden and denied acceptance and expression as a fear of fear that masks it as something else - something against Life - something Other and something out there.

What I find as the willingness to recognize story and release investment of identification or allegiance via reaction is what might be called a not-knowing - or a void - in which the underlying denials are less hidden and so become available to revisit in current terms - which is the willingness and desire for true foundation made welcome by the pausing of the identity in the conflicted and conflicting sense of coercion and story-deceits that constitute the struggle within a divided sense of self set against.

Whereas everything in the script of divide and rule pivots and weighs on a sense of personal responsibility for control over effect or outcome - with corresponding rewards and penalties - the truly spontaneous movement of Life as a whole operates as a synchronicity where cause and effect are not separated in space or time - and yet the story of space and time is not 'destroyed', demonized, invalidated or denied. Instead the props and script, cast and scene serves a different purpose. Being specific, there is still the special or exclusive focus - yet as a unique gift within the whole - and corresponding within the resonance of its joy to unfold itself unto its Self - by living from the true feeling of being that joy is the alignment as the true of you - for a story or form of joy is no substitute for your recognition and acceptance - in place of all the 'rational' invalidations or relational disqualifications to moving in the true presence of your being.

However - whenever the old habit of grasping, possessing, identifying in and passing off as - kicks in - the 'matrix reloads' - and until there is recognition of what I might call false currency or 'something out of true in my self-definition relative to this situation - the reactions run in place of creative relationship. This can be particularly well hidden in the 'spiritual' ego - who 'ought' to be able to deal with or handle this and etc.

Instead of identifying in concept, there is a shift to purpose and that purpose is not form based. To align in unified purpose is to be the true of you - the true indivisibility and individuality of you. This is the gift withheld from a world made loveless thereby - for who withdraws and withholds acceptance but in judgement upon and over such a world - and that is hate no matter how well presented and so does the reflection in experience attest. Hating the hate in the forms the story paints is giving allegiance to the story of hate. Opening in willingness to feel - without giving the feeling the trigger to seriously harm - allows the hurt beneath hate to reveal itself. This is no call for sympathy - but true acceptance. Here is the call and the Calling - not in some fear-driven diversionary tactic from recognizing the true need. A call is a call when it is recognizable calling you by name and nature both. Dragging denials around while acting if to eradicate or escape or evade exposure is to become burdened and alarmed and deadened to the call of your own heart's desire for acceptance.

Don't just DO something - stand there! - and be receptive to a movement of being the in a sense re-gifts you as the revealing of your desire - as purpose as living and connected perspective - then - don't go to thinking in rehearsal that never embodies or brings fulfilment - walk our or dance out or do whatever you do - in this and as this one you recognize yourself to be.

This 'journey of willingness' is not a way to get there - but a way to live from a recognition you are not within the story but are the awakening of the dreamer within the dream - and are the Creative - BUT the pronouns I and you, are so deeply associated with the segregative sense of self and its triggering into habitual reactions - that I don't paint the roses red with the claim that they are red. Know by the fruits and share in the willingness as it naturally arises.