The Simplicity of Living in the Now

Living in the now: It's complicated

My contribution:

Look at the heading of the article; a statement of the existentially obvious... and a narrative.

If you decide or define it to be complicated - why then that will be your experience!

Self contradiction is self conflicting and a conflicted or fearfully defined sense of self operates the lens or mind of a fearful and threatening existence. Underneath the psychological defences - which include complexity as an obfuscation are the original imprintings of conditioning that operate unconsciously and subconsciously relative the the surface sense of self.

While the evasion and defence of the surface persona operates - there is no awakened willingness to reintegrate or heal back to a sanity or wholeness of being - but rather the attempt to validate a segregative sense of separateness and disconnection.

But no matter how identified in an image or concept of self - it is not your being - so much as a construct in consciousness that can align with and in a sense channel your being - as you allow receptivity to the movement of being - which is self-aware - that is unseparate from all that awareness holds. However, as the responsibility at the level of focus within the experience of the world - we yield a false sense of narrative control for a guided and supported sense of recognition - for your vibrational signature is unique and you have no real trouble recognizing what resonates and is relevant for the themes you are exploring and experiencing as you. Unless you insist on trying to fit the fresh perspective into the old paradigm habit.
When you notice that you have been identified in story - you are at the point of choice - for you can use this 'slip' of attention to weave into the story and so resume 'normal service' or you can pause to appreciate that noticing is presence.
If you uncover behaviour that you say you don't want - then you do want it at some level or it would fall away as meaningless. There is always a payoff - but it may well be that it is no longer serving you as you currently feel and know - and prefer to be - but you cannot change what you are unwilling to own.

The complexity that underlies the front end of exchanging information on a computer network is mind boggling - but nothing to the complexity of what operates underneath the front end of a seemingly unified narrative self in a world that  seems to define and condition and frame the freedom of its thought and expression. However, one doesn't have to understand and control the complexity (and thus add more layers of identification) one releases identification to the recognition of the movement of being in which you are identified perfectly - but not statically or indeed statistically.

Yielding to a prior awareness cannot be difficult - but it can be surrounded by diversionary tactics that make a process of carrot and stick futility and struggle out of the gift of a shared existence - and I say shared because the relational context is the quality of the awareness. Being with - is the core willingness for a truly loving awareness because embrace and acceptance do not judge or reject a partiality as hatred or opposition to the whole - and therefore seek to hide the partiality behind a mask of complex deceits.

Underneath the mess of human denial patterns is a deeply held sense of un-worth. Nothing you can do can overcome or redeem or atone for a false sense of self. One has to draw afresh from the Well of Being and this means releasing the habit-choice of living from a fearfully defined sense of self-lack by not giving it the trigger finger to your reactions and so allowing a truly connected sense of action that naturally brings a more aligned response. But bear in mind that what is being denied is in a sense seeking acceptance - and comes to you as experience you often interpret as unwelcome. So a willingness to yield to a true recognition or self-honesty is a way to transform negative experience into positive or reintegrative outcome.

I only write in a willingness to reflect what you already know to your recognition and in any of this - if anything stirs such insight - let it be recognized as your recognition so that the messenger is not confused with the message.