Easter Message

The recognition of the nature of the act of definition as a determination of meaning, in fixed or conceptual terms needs to recognize that it is not an act of power over - but an extension of freedom to - according to the active purpose being engaged in.

For the mind-in-service can serve to embody felt meanings - but the mind in judgement over, attempts the conforming or imposing of ideas removed from the context of serving communication within relationship, to the role of dictating or controlling the narrative and in that sense - the form of the relational outcome.

This is simply the loss of communication and relationship to a conceived sense of power - whether seemingly winning or leading - or seemingly losing - or indeed using the form of losing to manipulate the delusion of the winner. For power against itself weaves an infinite web of deceits.

Attention can be released from personality obsession arising from identity in judgement, by willingness and desire to know the truth - that is - to be receptive to the noticing of what is in fact being communicated or extended as social manipulations - beneath the mutually agreed definitions, which operate beliefs and investment in power over - and consequent fear of loss of power to that which being robbed or denied - is expected to deny.

Jesus extended the invitation of a willingness for knowing truth, in which who you really are is set free of what a false sense of power, limited and defined you to be. As long as we agree to define such power outside our self, we embody an assertion of powerlessness that then competes to align with or exploit wherever it seems to be.

Perhaps Jesus would have rather found acceptance in a like willingness for communication and relationship than denials in which he chose not to join with - preferring to know the truth than kill it to feed self-illusion. But that 'passion play' imprints the core conditioning of a masquerade of power that must deny and indeed crucify, love, in order to seem to exist in judgement over and apart from Life's Meaning.

The reflection of the activity of our mind to our own notice - is our whole way out from self-conflicted identities that cannot afford honesty or actually grow trust. But only if that noticing abides wordless in the heart's knowing without being sacrificed to a guilting script.

When guilt insinuates itself in our thinking - it poisons all else to serve a hidden agenda - for it must stay hidden for a part of who it allows you to be - to mitigate or temporarily escape its pain. It puts down and casts out in the name of your protection.

Discerning deceits so as to no longer use them as the lens of our thought, is a primary responsibility of our freedom to think or define, perceive, accept and act from.

This is most practical information to any who desire freedom from a deceit that robs us at our very foundation. But first one has to notice that something is out-of-true and honestly enquire as to the true - as the context in which to know the difference - and act upon it.

Whatever the circumstances that bring one to a moment of or stirring in true noticing - celebrate the noticing without defining it in association with the conditions - excepting of course - in gratitude.

As an Easter treat I'll share something I found inspiring that may hearten readers here; "open dialogue" - you can start with Daniel Mackler's youtube documentary:


and follow your interest. Perhaps actually people are more interested in the dynamic of conflict and the fascination with evil. When it really comes to it is all the talk of 'freedom' a way to persist in perpetual war? Or is living unto the freedom of others as yourself, a willingness to communicate and open genuine relationship? What we give out - is what we get back.

Forgive yourself your judgements for they know not what they do. Only a wholeness of being knows its purpose without hidden or denied underside. Wholeness of being may not be definable - but that does not been it is unrecognisable or unfelt. Wherever you feel and know the true of you - is where your life unfolds to you.

This is not coercive upon anyone. The coercive sense of will arose from mistaken self-definition that then perpetuates itself by persisting the assertion of out-of-true as its foundation. A foundation that depends on being hidden to seem to be a foundation.

How you read the story is up to you - but you can only meet that which you are willing to be the vibration of. Truth is not killed - but framed out of sight by insistence upon a sacrificial worship of guilt as the guarantee of power.
No matter how complex a deeply defended lie is - it is no more true than a fib. What you invest in and want to be true is the determiner of how readily an error can be corrected - and of course this is a matter of who you define and accept yourself to be - moment - by moment - by moment.

But if you recognize that what is - Is beyond definition - excepting as an extension of the freedom to create - then there is a basis from which to notice and align self-defining idea to the true of you.

Otherwise hidden definitions run old conditioning that believes the true of You is unacceptable.

(This was a response to a mentioning of this message in another conversation)