Christian hearsay - taint so!

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The essence of the Christian religion

“The essence of the Christian religion consists in the reality that
the creation of the Father,
by sin,
is restored
in the death of the Son of God,
and re-created
by the grace of the Holy Spirit
into a kingdom of God.”
Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, 1:61.

My Commentary:

(Slightly edited from what I posted).

This guilt-logic of death as a price or sacrifice as payment, has never made sense – not has it ever extended the Sense that Is the Holy Spirit.

The mind of sin is simply the mind or intent to have ‘my will and not Thy Will be done’. 

While such is identified with and ‘loved’ – it costs the appreciation of Life Eternal – and therefore brings the wage of ‘death’ WHILE it is engaged. Dramas and apparent conflicts ABOUT this mentality are simply subtle strategy to persist in employing it – in place of aligning with Living Truth. Such activity is,in effect is “all about me”. But it is a false sense of self and so can only result in deception.

Thirst for Truth does not depend on a magical ‘Jesus’ – but on likewise freely laying down the personal will in acceptance and trust of Only the Father’s Will. The Father’s Will is the Movement of Being discovered in stillness of self-creating thought and judgement. It Is Truly Present - while our attention is wilfully yet ignorantly distracted from Living presence.

The Holy Spirit is the Intelligence and Voice and Guide to the Son of God in forgetfulness of His Father. Ask and it shall be Given. Seek and you shall find. If the fruits are not of God’s Wholeness – then ask yourself what am I asking and where am I seeking for answers?

To kneel in the heart to the Christ is to acknowledge the First and accept right relationship as Second, like unto the first but the son or extension of – and not a power or self in its own right.

It is through the apparent death of the ‘son of Adam’ – that awakened love knows itself anew and in holiness. For it is by assuming the mind or power of judgement that the appreciation of the Father's Light in All That Is, is usurped, and instead is experienced a self and world that testifies to an orphaned will. Such is the power of your faith - given to judgement, division, war and death.

The forms this takes vary for each of us but the meaning is universal. The Cross symbolizes this – as does the Resurrection awaken and rise beyond symbols – but the mind in sin will not see holiness excepting ‘outside itself’, in some other world or from some god of ‘otherness’. The desire for the Light is the dawning of the Light – but seen externally. Such was John the Baptist.

Clearly the mind in sin cannot ‘live’and see God. You must be Spoken For through your willingness to love as God Loves.
Man cannot ‘do’ this. A laying down of the ‘doing’ is the fruit of the prayer of the heart; “Show me, that I may follow in the way WITH You”.

“With You” is not a life alone, nor a contracted arrangement of separated selves. It is the Living Love that receives as it gives and gives as it receives.

It seems we can receive evil and suffer ill. This must be challenged in our own mind, perception and thought – or we succumb to the dissonance of sin as if it were creator of our being – instead of recognising it as feedback to prompt Awakening of the heart’s discernment. Watch and Pray.

Be aware – by the Light that Is Given you – and abide in the heart that recognises Light. Insanity is a veil upon True Sight. By giving attention and therefore value, to the Holy Spirit within, the mind possessed of its own thought is disregarded, passed by, put behind.
A New Earth rises from the restoration of the alignment of what before was called inner and outer. The Second Coming is the awakening of the Christ through humanity – and is near – not in time and space – but nearer – where the double vision always overlooks.

The essence of Religion is restoration of the human to the Divine. It matters not the forms – excepting they serve Purpose. God is the Supreme Identity – but not an image or concept of God. Man in ignorance and sin seeks identity in religion as in everything – yet cannot find his home excepting he remembers his Source.

in Gratitude

PS - I felt a beauty of truth in the article to which I responded - and my response is a joining with this to let the beauty be free of the cage of guilt. For 'the death of the Son of God' is an oxymoronic contradiction that needs to be undone. You could say Jesus's acceptance of Our Father's Will is the undoing of death. My part in accepting God is the removal of the conditions and blocks that I have erected and maintained in ignorance and confusion.
Free will is to be freely and willingly given back to the truth.
This is not a sacrifice - though we may deeply fear it so. The Holy Spirit is the Guide. When fear usurps true guidance we see all things awry. And suffer our exclusion.