Disobedience is called for - Honest to God

I cant nor need I argue with what anyone else finds helpful - but I discern persuasion as a force that seeks to manipulate - and see it finds a passive obedience to the presentation of authority of the persuader.

The desire to be led by any externally derived Guide is simply the state of any mind that as yet refuses or fears to look within. Yet in the desire to be truly guided even so - we will 'find and be found' by agencies for the Holy Spirit's guidance or Teacher Within - so as to loosen and sort the 'evil' or meaningless thoughts by which we block the capacity to feel, hear, recognise, love and extend our Holy Spirit - God's Gift of the Spirit of One.

When a Son or Daughter of God forgets his or her nature as the Extension of God - it is because that function is usurped by a 'mind that believes it knows' - and yet is not at rest, at one and sharing in the fruits of the Spirit.

Where we look and find guidance, value and meaning is where we choose to put our faith. If we put our faith in the world, we are looking at best at the reflections of the eternal truth - that is not contained in its reflection - but is the Holy Spirit Beholding and Recognition of God. More often we are seeing but symbols of the meanings we have made up in fighting a senseless battle that merely reflects a confused and divided or split mind.

Because this conflict is felt and its basis believed unconsciously or only somewhat consciously - the mind and desire of manipulation is automatically, implicitly and insidiously usurping true Authority. But it always makes its claim to meaning - and indeed righteousness - by deriving its meaning from what it is against.

It is the presumption of enmity, hostility, treachery - in effect - of an evil will. It 'sees' this will in others - in nature - and as seeking to undermine or corrupt its own mind, health or society.

It attempts to use truth to fight war. To dominate, to prevail. This is exactly how to make illusion usurp truth in our mind.

You cannot be disobedient to God - but are under illusion.
Illusion is a false or faulty formulation of reality - and if it is to be seen for what it is - rather than as what it seems to be - we must disobey the mind of guilt - by not acting from its premise. By not acting until we have awakened to or felt the Movement of wholeness and guiltlessness of the Presence of Life. And then allowing and trusting that Movement as the revealer of our true will or desire - for so it is.

To become still of self is to repent and release the mind that would make the world in its own image - and open to innocent perception.
Yet the mind of self-will and its attendant guilt are deeply habituated identifications that - until we become responsible for our own mind - can simply activate a false sense of self by which love’s presence is replaced, covered over, substituted for - and the substitute accepted as if real.

When the pervasive nature of the false self is realized to be filtering and distorting everything - there is either the collapse into a willing death of obedience to its dictates - or-  a disobedience that challenges the seemingly unchallengable - with the innocence and simplicity of a child.

This 'child' is your Divinity - held in trust - awaiting your welcome.
It does not speak from the presumption of evil - but out of the peace of an innocent and single desire; the love of truth; the truth of love.

It is not for us to understand how we can 'overcome' or pass beyond the dictates of a false limitation. But only to give welcome to what is given us to desire - from God - from the inherency of our nature as unified Being.

Obedience to God is not really a matter of choice - but a matter of honesty. While it seems a matter of choice, you will feel guilty for ‘your mind’ that seems to want a selfish love - and gets a hate-love self and world in return.

This is because the mind is actively engaging in the attempt to make the unreal, real.
But in an active desire and willingness for truth to reign in your heart - you will see honestly, because you will not be engaging such a wish.

The resistance to truth must not be invested with personhood, enemy powers or stories that set you apart from your own love. Or your stories will become as your reality by your own faith.

The mind of persuasion must be disobeyed in every moment of remembering and recognition that suddenly illumines desire - thirst - for truth - amidst the illusions of choices that suggest and maintain a sense of you as 'in between'. There is nothing in between you and your Self, but an act by which are deceived in thought.

Where we look and find guidance, value and meaning is where we choose to put our faith. This simply needs to be brought to an honesty - without judgement or condemnation.
Illusion says "follow me and become free".
Truth shows you - "you are already free".

Travel the way you desire to arrive and enjoy. For we are always 'arriving in' what we have defined as our joy. To recognise a faulty choice is a happy release of the unwanted. We always know peace in choosing to let the Voice for Truth guide us.

In Peace