If the idea that you are the child of light is given welcome and allowed to become the basis of challenging the appearance and experience of darkness, such that it is undone - then the value of the idea is self evident.

But if the idea "I am a child of light" becomes itself a form of consolation and used to support living in darkness, with less discomfort - then it may be said to be used to protect the mind that wants to abide in the dark.

The dissonance that is felt in our experience when we are out of true - when we are conflicted in our desire - or wilfully asserting desire from a place of judgement - is our Divine Alarm Call.

It is difficult at first to feel the dissonance without immediately becoming triggered into self protective reactions designed to salve it, distract from it, cover it over or render it into terms that seem to make us feel less guilty. This is because we are tending to live from a mental assertion - that is CONTINUING to maintain an out of true-ness as its priority.

With practice, we can get closer to the source of  - or actuality of - our sense of dilemma.
To notice or observe it BEFORE we take the ride of setting ourselves in story as 'hard done by',  or subject to limitation of any kind. This is a calmer and more spacious awareness in which we can recognize and feel directly, rather than through the lens of judgement or the patterning of past association.

The habit of the mind in judgement is strong because it has been clenched long. But its only strength is what we give of our attention and reaction to it - even though we may experience it  - AS IF - it were a force that we cannot overcome or that out-manoeuvres our every attempt  to fix or solve or remedy.

To abide without judgement is to surrender to an acceptance of the heart; to let the heart lead; to await the movement rather than asserting the movement. This simply isn't something that can be done. It is a willingness to be undone - to allow the coming undone of a sense of self that thrives on conflict whilst purporting to overcome it.

The remembering of the Heart is of a Universal Grace. The willingness to open to truth amidst the appearance and storyline of limitation is grace. The very beingness of you that stirs from within is the all pervading Light - communicating.

Like knows like.
To be of a kind is to share the same.

Releasing guilt is the accepting of Light - not to use as a symbol within the dream - but to release the grip on the dream that gives it a grip on you.

Love flows spontaneously where the way is clear.
There is only one condition that can block love - and this is the desire that love be something it is not.

Such a desire is like a sticking point from which a little dissonance can unstick the mind - when the dissonance is appreciated as a welcome guest instead of a gatecrasher.
But the dissonance is not guilt, nor pain, nor fear nor any other meaning that has been given to it from an unwelcoming mind.

So the temptation to see and react to these 'meanings' must be passed by if you are to allow the truth to awaken in you - while using the alarm call for what it is gracefully useful for.

If you were to suffer a pain and look for its source and discover that you were in effect pinching yourself, it would not take a moment to simply stop doing so - and immediately be restored to an undistorted appreciation of the moment.

But so embedded are we in our own self-dramas, that we believe we already know what the moment holds - and are actively and fully engaged in acting out our story as if it were reality.

Jesus asked his disciples to "watch and pray with me". This was from his heart as a brother and not as an edict to elicit punishment on discovery of initial failure. This is the same as the Light in you and the willingness in you to serve the light.

Jesus forgave and forgave again and yet again, when he found the disciples asleep - and so awakened fully from the mind to which abandonment seems real.

Be aware, be attentive - and abide in the heart.
This IS the action or movement of the Heart that IS Light.

That which Moves in you - also Moves you.
be attentive not to your story - but to the direct appreciation of be ing.

Forgive yourself for the distraction whereby you forgot.
Appreciate the truth of yourself whereby you are remembered.

In this Light is extended and known again as the all pervading radiance of Truth.
Such holiness cannot be betrayed - but only forgot - in ignorant and idle wish to explore the sense of your own creativity - in private.

Happy laughter is the recognition that dissolves the appearance of such a notion.
But within the world that such wilfulness gives rise - is opposition, fear of otherness', a false sense of self and all the defence and armouring that constitutes the experience of being an orphaned consciousness in a hostile and treacherous world.

We are Children of Light and know this when we see each other in Light and see the Light in each other. Truly, the Light knows this Always and never forgets - even if we forget the Light.

Darkness is a misinterpretation of Light.
It is not for us to understand how this may be so, but for us to accept and welcome the Light by which we are, know and have our being. Even the playing out of dream images in a darkened room cannot be engaged but is utterly and entirely dependent of the Light that must be first denied in order to have an 'experience of independence'.

Yet all awareness and attention is rooted in and extending the same Life and cannot in truth become independent. In the loving is not two - nor an observer who chooses between the one or the two.

There is a membership - a family - a belonging in and expression of.
We do not need to create what is already true - but we do need to allow the truth remember us and extend through or shine in the thoughts and acts and deeds that love would have us share in place of the world and self we made up.

The nature of applying force is opposition, density and limitation.
How long and bitterly must we struggle before we question the basis of our identification?

Noticing - moments of communication - moments of communion. These moments portend the rebirth of sanity such that confusion is dispelled - to the mind that desires truth as the very foundation and context of all else.