Blocks and barriers and practising innocent perception

When we put our faith in the world - and the things of the world, we are engaging our self in the world and find an experience of death - for the world is temporal, not eternal. Our desire for life becomes subverted to trying to make the impossible, true. For the self that is found in the world is not true - and no matter how much you may desire what you think it brings - it is not you.

The notion that the truth of any thing or any one is to be framed within and by the sense of self grown in the world is a block.

The innocent question - that is no attempt to get the answer that suits 'you', that is no strategy of self advantage and has no agenda of solving the past or its burdens - is the movement of True Desire - NOTICED and ALLOWED.

This Movement is subtle and easily drowned out by the activity of mind relating to the world - to the thoughts and meanings of the world. Therefore become calm that what is already here can draw your attention to WHAT IS ALIVE HERE.

The Movement - the True prayer of the heart - is the direct expression of the Love that is Eternal - in You. In Being You - is an Invitation to release that which is not you - and come back or be restored to the Allness of you - without judgement and without the effects of judgement.

Because what you make is yours - your judgement is not taken away while you want it. When seen truly, you do not want it. Because you believe it gives you the life that you have in the world, you yet cling to it as your life - but in willingness to practice the Holy Instant you are led to discover that the self-thoughts are deception and do not speak for You - and so you become willing to put your experience aside and Listen to Me.

The Light is the Conscious Beholding of Love. It is spacious in awareness. It is alive to itself in everything. The self-thoughts that arise from judgement are the denial of Light. That is there purpose and that is why you wanted them - to think and experience a private creation - to freeze 'life' and use it for your own imagined reflected self purposes.

But to 'live' outside the Light is to lose Life, and all that is Alive.
Yet to the fragmented little sense of life amidst death, does it not seem that the Light will immediately cause you to abandon the identity you have found in this world - and lose your life? And is this fear-belief not a block to the opening truth?

A split heart and mind must be healed so that you do not serve two masters; each undermining the other. There is no healing without a falling away of the blocks - and the blocks are a faulty attempt at security amidst confusion arising from wanting what you do not want.

The path without a heart is false and can yield only bitterness and loss. Yet your heart is Given You in every Movement and Prompt of Your Being's Love for You - as you Are.

To take the path with a heart is to accept and live from your willingness.
Not a an applied 'willingness' of zeal or achievement in which your self idea is validated so as to 'save' you from a sense of injustice or ignominy. But a moment by moment willingness to let Life Live - and to fit in rather than attempt to fit Life to your own constructs.

This is a step by step process - yet in each step you are listening and trusting instead of asserting and fighting.

Blessed are the meek - for they shall inherit the Earth.
To abide in Me is to accept and share all things in My Sight.
The world you thought was outside You is beheld anew and with loving recognition.

Let yourself be guided in what you can not control.
This is to say let yourself be free of the belief that you - of yourself - need control.

Be curious as to the nature and truth of that which seems to block.
There is always another way of looking at this.

It is not required that you see the body not - but only that you desire more to see in Light.

As you ask - so shall you receive.

In Peace