Julian of Norwich proclaimed "all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well"
Just as Raj has said "God is in His Holy Place, and All is Well".

It isn't that we need a perfect teaching to awaken - but simply that Perfection awakens to its own being and nature through willingness and acceptance. This is to say that we only need to listen with Holy Spirit to be awakened in Truth.

To argue with illusion is to not let it go.

The mind in deception is easily able to mouth the words of truth and assume the crown of righteousness it mistakes for Heaven, but only the Spirit can speak with the power that awakens - even out of the mouths of babes.

Ours is to make the decision NOT to decide between illusions - and this laying down of the will and the world of will - makes clear the way that Truth Speaks through and for us - along with all That Is.

I've felt a discrepancy with Julian's famous saying for time is not involved in Eternity. But I have come to accept that that Stirring within is of the awakening - and not the ideas that I may then formulate to 'correct' her. The assertion of the teachings of truth by the mind that knows it not is of a desire to make one's own truth and be pre-validated in doing so!

Listening and abiding with Holy Spirit is a state of guiltlessness - and not a state of opposition to guilt.

I sing and dance a song called "Bells of Norwich" - based on Julian's saying.

Love, like the yellow daffodil, is coming through the snow.
Love, like the yellow daffodil, is Lord of all I know.

Ring out, bells of Norwich, and let the winter come and go
All shell be well again, I know.

Ring for the yellow daffodil, the flower in the snow.
Ring for the yellow daffodil, and tell them what I know.


All shall be well, I'm telling you, let the winter come and go
All shall be well again, I know.

Loud are the bells of Norwich and the people come and go.
Here by the tower of Julian, I tell them what I know.


All shall be well, I'm telling you, let the winter come and go
All shall be well again, I know.


By Sydney Carter

Brian's note: Evil is inherent to the world that we experience as a result of a identifying with and employing a mentality in imaginative but wilful opposition to Truth. To transcend or relax out such a mentality is to behold All Things New - and All Things is not the same world in terms of any sense of an external reality but the Revelation that cannot be spoken of in tongues or terms of time bound consciousness.

But in the Universal Grace of such revelation - we may discover ourselves employing imperfect terms to give witness to that there is God - and the Spirit of God is One.

The ego will always misinterpret everything - for that Is its primary function. So rather than feel and open to truth, we use a wishful sense of ourselves, and employ its mind as a surrogate reality in which judgement and attack is justified, separation is our survival, and denial, death (or the assigning of illusion as the status thereof) is the gift we share with the truth of our brother and world.

In Peace