Why would any or every thing serve the highest good?

Why would any or every thing serve the highest good?

Because such is the desire in your heart.

How might it serve the Good?

From an honesty of not knowing and not therefore demanding only answer set in your terms.

How will you know the truth that shows you you are free of limitation?


The mind in form is always trying to make sense of God Reality in its own terms. Which is experienced as if we are getting a handle on life and are validated by our 'understanding'.

While this attempted self-stance is going on - we have the opportunity to wake to it - and therefore from it. It can be subtle- but it is always the allegiance to image and thought and form in place of Living Love.

Just because we call something 'God', 'Guidance', 'love', 'Christ', 'reality', 'truth' - does not in any way make it so. Prayer is abiding in the heart's intimacy. If this is not yet your safety and your love restored - then forgiveness of yourself is called for immediately.Give only as you would receive.

It is through an act of self exclusion - judgement - whereby love seems to forget its nature and suffers its own division as both 'killed and killer' - and then projects these roles outside itself to mitigate pain.

But thoughts leave not the mind that thinks them. To the ego - this truth seems damnation - yet to the Divine awareness that is your Being's light - it is the realisation of what you are and where you are and that you are.

The Holy Spirit teaches awakening through whatever experiences ignorance sets up - and works with every willingness offered and allowed.

If we are in a mood of resistance - we will generate experience to justify our stance. If we do not value and cultivate our desire and receptivity for truth we densify illusion and at some point realize this is not truly our desire - but costs us all that we truly desire.

Obedience is naturally due to our true desire - freely, willingly and gladly - and not as a sacrificial bargain struck in the dark with some god who saves dark ones to remain safely in the dark.
Being true to truth is the essential basis for trust and sanity.

Exclusion arises from withholding love. You are love.
When the withholding is released by the release of exclusion - love is revealed as the already truth.

In Peace