The fulfilment of freedom to be love

Judgement always involves exclusion and withdrawl from the field of relations. Love - as attention, acknowledgement and honour - is withheld. The stance of judging is felt as justified - according to the rules for reality that we have accepted for ourselves, and our society.

Yet reality is the field of relations and in withholding our presence we let guilt block the movement of communication that is the present expression of our being. And lock ourselves into a world that is lacking in presence.

When we  are willing to see the 'other' in a context of inclusion, we see in Light, and cease to assert the state of private partiality and exclusion. We put aside the looking glass of judgement and let the movement of trust live and guide us.

In guiltlessness, the presence of life extends through you to include all in peace. Such is the fulfilment of freedom to be love. The Universal is found in - and one with - its Expression; This particular moment, rendered truly.

The illusion of conflicting mind and minds is passed by, if only for an instant. But every instant teaches the mind of its truth - at a level beneath the superfical activity of private thinking.

As the light dawns from within, the capacity to maintain the masks of judgement disappears. And you will discover your need for your brother in truth replacing your use of him for illusion.