Love raises the dead

I read the word death and see that it means separation from God.
the sense of a term such as ‘physical death’ means as much to me as does ‘physical life’.

What life and death from my personal human perspective is "I can not know".
But this 'I-not-knowing' is not another human thought - but the portal or condition in which unbounded timeless awareness or light  - simply Is.
And yet this 'God' is infinitely Alive.
And is the True Movement of Life in me.
Me seems to be human, and has all the story and idiosyncrasies of human personality.
But until grace touched me Alive - my life was entirely about running away from love, and the human story was in many ways a machine of defence against the Life. It was a kind of death - and in something I wrote elsewhere today I found myself writing:

"This sense of myself that is habituated to correcting mistakes in terms set by judgement – must be rested of its futility and become instead the willingness to let the answer speak through me to raise the dead.
God is not dead. Nor you."

I was surprised at the turn of phrase 'raise the dead' because it isn't one I have used before. yet after pausing in the meaning that chose it, it stayed. It isn't here used to refer at all to human ideas of death - but to the living dead who think they live.

Now comes to mind the saying: "I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth me".
This isn't the claim of independent Christhood - but the release of any claim of an independent power or will.

From where I feel life - it would seem that only the ego bound would want to live forever in such definition as we call physical existence - because eternal life is simply the nature of being and is not subject to birth or death.

I sense that planes or levels of existence are compromise maps. Ego intent may make them up, and so seem to compartmentalize life into different vibrational levels through which attention focuses an experiences accordingly. Holy spirit can translate them all to truth for that is His (or its) Function. Translation into Light is not really a change at all - but simply the undoing of an apparent change that seemed to render light dense.
If the Holy Spirit can look on all that is and see ‘that it is Good’ - and share that vision, then I can look on anything and be guided to see it likewise. But if I first believe in death - then I can hardly share Life - for I have decided what to see - even if I then turn around and say now help me see it disappear!

So I have to find innocent eyes of a present willingness to dare to look without flinch or indulgence in the meanings from the past. I know from seeing the hanging body of my firstborn child, that guilt and fear and horror can not shut the eyes of the spirit. Yet first I had to look at horror to deny any secret place to my mind in which fear could remain hidden. For I could not let love’s truth die without denial of very being. Love lives eternal. I don't get to hug Ellie. Things shift beyond visibility - and yet such a shift in an open heart - through faith -  serves the shift of identity from fear based perception to a love that is everywhere.

Is it true that the power of love could have resurrected my daughter? It didn't occur to me to ask it. Nor in rigor mortis, my daughter's shell. Perhaps no - because I saw my daughter and death and believed my experience. Yet I didn't accept death for her or love at the level of which I was willing and able to abide. My willingness to abide in Light was greater than my agony. But it was an agony of experience to bear.
Jesus once said that if he had seen his mother as his mother during the crucifixion, he would have died like any other man. He saw only the Father’s Will in all - in which there is no death.
I found the quiet place periodically - but also was taken under by the throes of shock and grief . Yet this experience  brough conscious a perspective that is now simply part of my living.

Consciousness can be used to denote or point to God:
Pure Loving Awareness. All that is - knowing itself through every idea that is itself not separate.

Consciousness can also be used for the focus of attention in the form based identity.
My mind, your mind, the self conscious activity of mind.

Our understanding of all terms - and of all teachings, will change as our own identity shifts open into peace.
For nothing can then be understood that 'teaches' conflict - and if it cannot be understood, it is nothing. There is nothing to understand. Trying to understand it is to feed the idea that it can be understood. Forget not to laugh here! Or you choose illusion and struggle yet again.

The Light can not interfere with the will of its children who pretend to play in the dark. But is can join with every willingness to be re-included. For this, must self-will be released at the root. The result is the life in the Spirit - where all that is helpful is returned as a shared lesson in acceptance.

It is true that teachings can and will be misunderstood and misused - even as the very Light is made slave to the ego sense - in illusion.
The only way of discerning truth is for a condition of trust to be extended.
Not to a stone god or to some ideal. But living trust in which I am undefended and sharing love just by virtue of refusing to share separative thought. It only need be an instant for the touch and shift to occur. Every step is maximal. The willingness to awaken to ‘the madhouse’ is a brief step of the greater willingness to trust there is guidance and grace to guide and protect through it into sanity.

It is not true that all our guidances must agree at the level of form. There are many individualized needs that are met in highly specific forms. But it is true that all divine guidance brings us the recognition "God's Son is guiltless". (This could also be said in any or no religious terms). Yet this is the Gift of the Holy Spirit and Not our responsibility to make true or enforce.

How could I doubt but that my faith and vision can be expanded and deepened. I have participated in miracles that prove time and space are not subordinate to the Movement of Being. Yet I have NO desire to meddle with God's part - (as if I really could do anything but frighten myself thereby). It is in the rested gratitude and communion of love that the spontanaity of Love-Desire Moves as one with the very wind. I say again - "Not I but Christ liveth me". Whenever such a Movement is discerned, welcomed and accepted as the very heart desire - there is no separation. And to Let It Flow whither it will - even to the sweetest nuance of Inclusion - is to witness true power of love's dominion. For it knows all things itself and they align to it as to fulfill their very purpose.

Why is there so little evidence of Love's dominion?
Because love-in forgetting yet asks to suffer?
I can only speak of my own awakening and say - there Is such witnesses, but outside the Vision of Christ it cannot Be seen.
What is this vision
It is the replacement for the interpretation that gives the experience of a private self-dom in a physical body.
Does the body disappear?
Yes - even as my guitar disappears when I play from the heart. Even music disappears in Communion!
This is to say that any sense of separation disappears. The body serves communication.
When all serves communication, oneness knows itself through all. Nothing is sacrificed in loss or payment. That is not love.

I sense there need not be death IF the condition of moving attention through the whole body-mind and beyond is seamless, flowing and unobstructed. But fear of Light has barred the door to the guilt ridden mind. level upon level descending. These so called planes are not separated. Nor is the participation in any plane of existence any different in essence from any other. God moves you - or you wish otherwise upon the movement and experience it your way.
Exploiting any experience leads to a descent into the pigbins of blind appettites. Mechanical loveless scenarios. A prodigal waste. Guilt and fear lock attention into form such as to leave a tiny gamut of experience in which to reenact the script.

yet even the script of a loveless urge to survive in imaginary independence - given up to God - is rendered anew as your script of awakening to Only God - and the life is not now of survival - but of shared love. Of gratitude for love and of growing willingness to serve only love.

Such is the witness I can give with typing tonight.
It has no point except to share love.
The only 'effort' to make is to make way for love's remembrance.
Love takes over from there - with your permission.
(As your truth loves you).

In Peace