Live from, and in, a clean clear now.

Have you ever tried to overtake someone going uphill, found that your motor hasnt quite enough power to complete the manoeuvre and found yourself trying to 'will' the car faster or lean forward to somehow increase speed?

And even found it hard not to do it even when you realize it is delusional, (level confusion), for as long as the desire to overtake is held as in any way necessary, (old program).

Can there be an element of embarrassment that must be simply felt through, in slowing down and tucking back in behind the car you'd thought to overtake?

Isn't it amazing how we can play out scenarios in our mind that have nothing to do with reality at all and everything to do with a private sense of self image and adequacy!
To discover the energetic doesn't support action is to realize that self efforting is masking a deeper and currently ignored reality. It is also the opportunity to open into a living relationship. To feel and flow where the energetic is. But this isn't a relationship of manipulating the energetic in order to seem to be in control – but of simply abiding in an ordinary oneness of peace. Free of false goals, and therefore free to be guided back 'on the beam' if attention wanders.

When we want answers and understandings that we can use to maintain an imaginary but cherished control of our self reality – we limit and delay our healing, wholeness and happiness. In other words we prolong a sense of conflict, limitation and suffering, in the name of a false goal.

That truth replaces illusion isnt to suggest that illusion is of a like kind, or an actual something that can be lost, surrendered or annihilated. It is just awakening truth in which illusion is no longer operating as an attention grabber, compulsive soap drama, or meaningful thought to desire to look into.

We think we want something – but increasingly it hurts us. And our efforts to overcome seeming opposition or obstacle, only get us more entrenched and entangled – and confused. We are spontaneously moved to release all meanings 'I have given this situation'. This is the natural experience of realizing 'I forgot what I want and have only found conflicting desires and outcomes - and this is not what I want!' So I naturally let cease self-effort, taking pride - and the thinking that fuels them both.
And abiding so, I discover in the simple peace of my being – the desire that, of itself, speaks for the truth, the life and the way, in which I can accept unconflicted wholeness – and live from, and in, a clean clear now.

"Go in peace and sin no more", may dawn on us as the simple sharing of truth.

In Peace