If it is of value to me - let it change me

Someone said: “Does awakening happen when God decides?”

Any idea that considers when or how enlightenment might happen, is part of a mind that believes it is not already happenning. So even as it Is - it will be passed by unnoticed while we think some more.

The conviction and reaslisation that it Is happening now is an altogether different basis from which to live.

"If it is of value to me - let it change me". (Is this God’s decision manifesting in the heart?)

I have long ago noticed that a love such as has started movements of cultural renewal, community inspired projects or inspired endeavour, teachings and exemplary lives - is the same love as is frequently opened at special events, workshops or gatherings and relationships.

But it is as if a consumer mentality has become able to dip in - and out - of love so as to get a recharge for an otherwise routinely compromised existence. For those love truth - the valuing of truth wins out over the 'freedom' to have different compartment lives to switch between - and a crisis ripens in which they can no longer function or tolerate their lovelessness. So they are obliged to separate from that within their own minds which separates them from love - without being able to 'manage'or control the change that then come from this to their relationships so as to maintain a ‘hidey hole’.

These ones now have a direct and ongoing need and capacity for present innate guidance and inspiration - not to console or recharge their batteries or their egos - but to navigate and bypass the mind of fear and guilt - which is no longer kept as a pet in a hideyhole - and so is increasingly exposed in oneself amidst the everyday of life.

These ones discover their need is to give only as they would, in their Right Minds, receive - and not to survive and protect their 'life' all by themselves. And so they shift from the mind of getter - by the practice of giving as they would receive. True giving is not of our own self - but of the selflessness or ‘Self’ of love. And true receiving is not a filtering of data for the extraction of a desired part to fulfil a predefined desire. It is the act and extension of trust in an entirely present sense.

So, Awakening, Love, Enlightenment, is never going to happen, to the one who commits to thinking themselves to be as they think they are. And if nonetheless light does awaken spontaneously - it will be unrecognized by all but the seed of truth in silence within - which then moves in secret within the mind of the dreamer as it grows a different basis from which to live.

The good news is that it is never true that we Are that which we ‘think we are’ - and no matter how frightening that may seem to the ego (the mind identified with image and form) - it is the stirring in the heart of deepest gratitude and relief to Life.

Awakening is active in every Instant of Truth.