Who Awakens?

There are these programs running in the mind of thought that seem to suggest you are  this or that or the other - and suggest that there is a need to be involved in all of that.

The one that 'wakes up' - never really slept, orphaned itself - or went away.
Now where does that leave you?
Are you with me?

It starts as a letting in and being with. It grows.
Comes a time you cease to identify primarily or exclusively with a mind in story - and the light  - of itself - moves.
It was already moving.

To ONLY move with the movement is to release the fantastic notion that you can move against it.
But fantasy seems as real as the desire for it determines.

So its true - you cant just decide differently as if it were your intent and your will that is going to do or be the be-ing.
You cant in a sense - decide anything on such a basis - except to remain in illusion.
To be still, to ask, to listen, to trust - is to discover the movement of life.
This speaks your true will - as the will for all. Life is not a conflict of selves -  but a unified self expression extends from the willingness to behold Life as it truly is.

What this mostly means is: shut up and listen.
really listen - dont analyze or filter or interpret - but be truly with - and receptive of.
Trust the movement of awakened awareness and let it speak your self by sharing it.
In the sharing of the gift - is truth restored to awareness.
For none are excluded.

To the ego self sense - this is a bleak prospect - and will at times feel like deep loss.
Whenever this sense is accepted again - the separation is reenacted.
You get to watch it.
Over and over - and over again.
But only if you stay curious enough to look - when all the symptoms of separateness and loss shout as if they know your name.
Who or what is curious enough to look at such a pass?
You are that curiosity and willingness itself.
Seemingly tied up in thought.
What's that about!?

Struggling with myself? - No!
It's just thinking!

'Love thine Enemy' is a call to awaken - not a more sophisticated means of dealing with conflict.
'I have resistance to that' - Ah! here is a call to be more genuinely curious.

Generally, I have noticed, that when I can simply no longer afford, to give energy and attention, to maintain a sense of myself, as in some way opposed or conflicted or special, then it just falls off, with no method or technique or process involved.

in peace