Take no thought for your self

The thinker is presumed to be the actor.
Exerting a power that can have effects that change the experience of the perceiver.
Born of the need to limit the experience of loss that results from indulging private unjoined thought.

Be Turned in attention to the light that, within, reflects and shines in all.

Leave the dead world by joining the living. Give it not your attention.

The Living replaces the dead world from within with the ever fresh expression of Living Thought.
Such Joined Thought is not left its Source.

To listen not to the true heart is of a desire to not know love as it is.
You may have an illusion of love as your experience, but no matter how fascinating you may be able to make it as the storyline you make within it - it can never love you, know you and shine you, in the glorious radiance of your truth.
Within a wish for getting, your receiving is hidden by limiting filters of denial. And the giving is of a false premise that is being accepted as self or reality. The desire for truth is the willingness to release the surface perceptions and allow receiving anew - and trust giving anew; innocent of the filtering shadows of a self unlove.
And let it be itself such that it grows of itself in the ways of its - and your - true nature.

In Peace