Desire for Safety

Your desire for safety touches me.
And speaks of a memory that isn't totally buried and forgot.
Under a seeming world of bodies with secret minds in a hostile universe.
All of which arises from a single act in thought-desire.
A contraction or collapse of self upon self in which almost all of what you are is denied - that your thought can continue as yours alone.

In ceasing to activate or reinforce the thinking-self protective contraction - a different experience is discovered. If you are ready to allow this then you do truly desire Safety, for the attempt to make yourself safe - by your own thinking - has not brought the answer.
You have but shafted yourself - not in truth - for truth remains available as it is if you welcome it - but in the conflicting and shifting attempts to fix down life and make it serve your thought.

You are the life that you neglect to love because your intent is elsewhere, set upon thought derived existence - which to the unawake is believed reality itself.
Life is already intent on serving you - as the unified expression of wholeness. But if you would know this, then there simply is no room for the intent that pulls the plug on life and drains it away for the hit of a self indulgence.

The last war I was in was a seeming battle between desire to survive and desire to love. There was in truth no battle but simply a play of dramatic experience arising from the attempt to keep both.

Dignity is not a right I demand from the world but the natural result of the honour I give.
By the grace of Spirit I have awakened enough to refuse the experience of hate as a definer of anything but a split mind - an ignorance. I can release the experience with my recognition of life giving as I have asked - and let it go. I can only fight the way Mind works, imaginatively.

For the movement of attention is the movement of desire - where value is given.
And if I invest in the experience of horror - then I validate it.
Even if this is done negatively - by an attempt to overcome it. For who would seek to overcome a  foe - whose ill intent is but one's own, enacted out in alternating roles?

The uncovering of the special hate relationship is that which would seem to damn. Its undoing requires that you do not damn yourself nor your brother or your world - but wait on a fresh perspective.

Love changes everything.

For love undoes or restores the original to its true appreciation from a mind that had become fascinated by an unlove as if it were a thing you made that then made you.

How does a Child of God fragment and forget its own light in a prodigal wasteland?
How does a wretch rediscover his divine inheritance?

As a man thinketh in his heart - so is he.
By the grace of being joined, I am saved from my own thinking.
All are joined to the Source without which nothing is.
In this world we have seemed to live as if we are actually independent and conflicting with everything. But look and see if this is not simply a game of thought.

There is a basis upon which to question every value this world has ever taught you.
It is the awakening relationship with your innate and inviolable safety - prior to the activity and identifications of mind.

When the definitions that bind, deplete and deprive are refused currency status - the truth is revealed of itself. There is no battle - but there is every reason to hold fast in receiving and therefore giving - from a fresh perspective. Despite every twist and turn of the ego's roller coaster ride which is but a persuasion speaking to an habit no longer truly desired.

Can I condemn a world that arose from acting out a fantasy of possession, loss and vengeance?
Can I condemn myself for the life that proceeded from an ignorance that is no more?
Can I accept forgiveness for myself and be undone of sin?

These are not for thought to answer - but are the heart's intimation - for we don't do truth, but are, by its giving.

In Peace