ACIM What are my creations?

In A Course in Miracles, (ACIM), A book that is a self study course in accepting the creative power of mind and being restored to sanity, Jesus talks of ‘your creations’.
This writing came in answer to one who asked, What are “my creations”.
This writing may not yield to understanding from a conventional thought perspective but may yet spark intuitive sense.

When you remember you are love - you will remember your Father - wherefore? In every truly loving thought you have ever shared.

While you think you are a thinker - you cannot but be confused and are loving your own capcity to think-create privately - that is called specialness. This 'son' does not receive and return our love. But the Sonship of God that is the Light and Love of your very being, extends as it is extended and the extension is living recognition just as you are.

The completion of God is the recognition of the Father in the Son. The radiance in the ray.

In which God knows Him/Her Self through the Movement of Idea we call Creation.

This Fatherhood is shared without exception or limit.

All of this is probably meaningless of misleading to a mind that still recognises only its own specialness in stead of the Allness of God. But Holy Instants recognised and valued begin to give a perspective that cant be put into old wine bottles - and when what Is - is allowed to abide as it Is - the Course takes on a new meaning that could not be seen from an attempt to understand from a conceptual frame of reference.

Creation isn't  really created in the sense of the Potter metaphor - but in the sense of revealing the Eternal to the Eternal. This cannot exclude You.

Consciousness is a complex of focussed attention that arises from within a play within Creation. And Consciousness can create along the lines of its own thought and experience. In this is a mind in a feedback to its own thought and in total freedom to follow its own thought. If it follows  judgement; thought that is based on a thought of opposition or difference - then it can seem to create conflicted experience that reflect and validate a sense of conflicted or split mind. These are called miscreations because they actually occupy the mind with nothing - as if it were something. Of course the mind cannot really be totally engaged and only a part of attention is thus engrossed and identified. To move to the other end or your attention would be to open to the Perspective in which your loving thoughts become unobscured to you instead of hidden by and within confusion.

Your loving thoughts honour You even as You are loving Thought in the Mind of God.

It should be obvious here that I am not referring to our personality or historical sense of self. The eternal cuts through our dreamlife - in the now of awareness - before the interpretive mechanism has grabbed attention.

The restoration of sanity realigns the interpretive faculty such that it serves a purpose of sanity - whereas in miscreation the purpose put sanity on hold whilst following a thought.

The thought that caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep is that of becoming a creator in his own right. Jesus is Adam waking. The Christ is that which never slept - even throughout the appearances of sleep.

So our creations as the Course calls them are not the symbols of life that we made and coveted and wove together in various hierarchies of order and forced relation. And they are certainly not the magic of 'creative' accounting where innumerable complexities can present a set of accounts that seems to mean something but is actually a pack of lies for the intent of a short term private gain.

We have felt the touch of Spirit - and in that touch we have felt the divinity of our Brother or Sister - or world - AND within, yet transcendent of that exact recognition is the apprehension of the Father. Who knows the Son knows the Father.

This is Wholly Living. There is no other or division. There can be nothing said. We ‘shut up’ in awe filled silence to Glory within Glory.

God Speaks All Things and All Things Speak God as well as Recognising and Praising God in Joy and Gratitude.

This is "God is in His Holy Place and All Is Well' - yet for that to be restored to our awareness we have to release our wilfulness and embrace true willingness. Holy instants are but instants because the mind immediately reasserts command and control - and we listen to its voice. But by consistency of willingness the willingness to listen to that voice diminishes and we start to see the mechanism in act.

I don't wish to suggest that there is anything here for any of us to do unjoined.

Only to wake, shift and live from the shared mind. It doesn't need to be any different than your daily life - except You need to become present in it - through it - as it.

I say need to - not because you are forced - but because it is your desire to be restored to wholeness and peace - and in that context there is need to put the gun down and become harmlessly defenceless to the Awareness that is You.

Living out from Mind would add nothing added and have nothing taken away from the Movement known in stillness. “Thy Will be done”.

Living out from presumption of a partitioned mind in a body in a world of bodies - each a person and with personalities that are essentially masks of split minded manipulation and defence, that squelches, covers and distorts the essence of you, the feeling of you , the fragrance of you, the loveliness of you, the perfection of you.

None of the above qualities are special but are true of all for they can only Be shared. And to allow and discover in one is begin to allow to extend to all. You do not have to know how your current perception can be healed and transcended, but you do have to be willing to be healed - and then be congruent to your willingness.

A fundamental trust in yourself is the fruit of your willingness.

You truly are worth it.

With you in love's awakening