Not a worldly approach

A worldly approach starts out from the presumption that the world is reality and is cause - and each would seek maximum benefit for the role that is played out within such a world.

Creation and miscreation both, are thought. One is the reflection and extension of eternal truth, the other arises from a thought of otherness - and the play of polarity founded on accepting or seeking validity for otherness.

Desire is fundamental. The awakening of true desire is the revealing of the always true, to the mind that releases its involvement with the falsely identified - or thought based - desire.

You could say that your mind is in training as co-creator. It thought it could live outside the heart - and desired to follow that thought.

It still sleeps in such a thought, but the desire that maintains illusion is wearing thin, and the dissonance of conflicted thought and identity that was rendered unconscious by disguise is less and less concealed. Yet also is the call of the heart felt.

The call of the heart is not the call to the world - yet to attend the call of the heart will allow your own truth - and joy - to extend to the Mind we share - which is underneath the mask of the world.

Having 'made' a mind of specialness, now let it be given a special function by a Purpose wholly shared in willingness.

That a healed perception may replace the double vision of conflicted will.
‘Your life’ given to it’s source - is restored and revealed as extension of Love’s presence.
In whose vision, the light in your brother and sister is the Father's Light.

 In Peace