Awakening to the true nature of the Matrix

In the film the Matrix, Neo is shot and killed - yet suddenly ‘sees’ the true nature of the so called reality in which usury, control, war and death operate as real - and he then expresses both an invulnerability and dominion - from that realisation. Without getting involved in the film - I responded to someone who saw this as a metaphor for Awakening, and who saw many parallels with A Course in Miracles and NTI teachings.

If all we really see are thoughts in our mind that give rise to experiencing thought as an externality that then comes to define us as subject to it - and not as mind aware of and one with its thought.

To explore and discover the nature or merit of such a proposition or enquiry is a matter of free attention and the desire or movement of the heart.

The thing to become aware of is the presumption that is accepted as your starting place.
We humanly identify with self of mind in body – in a world of bodies – and believe the thought that seems to demonstrate that this is fact.

Yet beneath this is desire that sets it up and maintains it.

You can ‘stick your awareness’ out of the flow of habitual intent for a moment and have a different perspective on everything – but if the force that is behind this motive is still self generated, then it is not supported in the Movement of desire – and still constitutes an attempt to fight limitation rather than transcend it.

So my sense is that the truth – and the love of truth – must be welcomed and nurtured to grow in that which, before, I guarded and wielded as - ‘my life’.

The purpose and nature of truth has never been to validate my specialness – nor even to support and maintain my demand to identify with judgement as the determiner of reality.
It has always been the purpose and nature of truth to be self-revealing – to itself – in love – as love. But our notion of love is so distorted and reversed that it may be more helpful to simply let truth be self revealing – and let that discovery be the intimate and direct experience of all that is – in truth.

The freedom to shift attention and location or act from beyond the accepted limits and laws of matterial reality, cannot be the activity of a body – or a mind that believes it is a body - or the mind that believes itself separated from Mind - in contrast and opposition to others.
This is because the locking in of the mind in a fragment of itself – in demand that that this be its special home and protection – and weapon – is the forfeit of the conscious participation in Truth - until its purpose is changed.

My sense is that the way to be restored to our true participation in a Greater Life than the world knows – is the free relinquishment of self will or specialness.
This is generally humiliating experience of disempowerment in terms of the world – yet not a self selected act for that is just another self based ploy to exercise judgement.

So in being ‘simply human’ and embracing the felt ordinary humanity of my day – I am inevitably brought to moments of noticing – that arise from truth and not from self-effort. The choice I then have is one of NOT recycling or repeating the ‘old habit’ of self illusion. In THAT willingness truth is made welcome and I feel such relationship alive as joy – as inspiration – and so forth.

The capacity of the mind to try to jump ahead of its Master (The Awakened Heart), is easily observable. Wisdom is also a willingness to be a beginner – so that the first step is always the kneeling in the heart.  Then the next step is guided – and even if what is guided seems to be difficult or impossible – you are with One who is holding your hand and maintaining your steadiness of intent – despite the old habits of thought.

I am now reminded to say that – to actually practice in such cooperative loving – we have to release the wonderful understandings we had gained and cherish as if they themselves can feed us – and turn in trust to the source of all insight and guidance in willingness and trust. 

This ‘awakening process’ is not a loss of self, but until truth grows as the light of true awareness, the thought based substitute inevitably enacts its drama of self upon and around every instance of awakening. But awakening is merely attention to truth.

Let truth directly replace the assertions of thought that I had wanted to believe instead – because I would be at one and not at war.
And because I would let love Be with me , on terms I do not set – for I will not to be alone.

And yes – to see and be from MIND constitutes awakened being. Whereas to act out from a presumption of being ‘a mind’, is to be filtered and distorted by separated specialness. I associate the release of mind into Mind as ‘holding hands’ in trust and so moving through great fear.
And I am seeing now how great the cost – is the grasping to ourselves of this ‘special love’ - by which truth is rendered impotent and void.

Yet all that is truly lovely is in and of truth and nothing I could truly want could come to me from a presumption of specialness.

It isn't that I must fight the temptation that sees everything in terms of a deceptive ‘self interest’. But that I must become a willingness to stop the mind, listen in trust and move with the Movement that is felt in the heart. (Or I will re-enact the fall/separation/crucifiction and experience it as real).

I’m quite happy to also explore such stories as the Matrix – but how can you represent the Wholeness in terms of a part – without making the part ‘special’?
All attempts to communicate the transpersonal in terms of a world of persons will have both strengths and liabilities. If the liabilities are not indulged - the teachings serve the heart’s awakening. This is because the guidance of the heart is being followed in undoing the liabilities of separated self-will.

The perspective of wholeness has dominion because its parts have not actually any separated power in their own right, and because there is no opposition to any aspect of what is recognised as ‘within’. True Dominion is not at all one of subduing a weaker or indeed dark power. It is Expression of Creator at one with – and completed by Creation.

To bring this Idea more humanly accessible – consider being a chairman or facilitation in a meeting whose members express apparently conflicting goals and intents. Your function is not to take sides – but to serve the whole – as a unified expression of intent and not merely some mechanical vote system. So you put your own thought aside and listen and feel and serve the process of real communication in which no voice is deprived from speaking and no voice is deprived from being heard. Because of the way in which you have served, the group’s willingness to communicate will discover the next step in which it can all freely agree to walk together. The Heart has dominion.

So consider the true cause of the seeming inability of the heart to communicate. It is not really the fear of hurt and rejection – but is the direct symptom of the desire to maintain a private will – with some story that ‘justifies’ the denial of the heart. (a cock crows thrice?)
What is an unshared love but a current neglect?

 in Love's blessing