The desire to remember God | Peace | Presence of Life

When you do notice or become aware of a greater perspective - such as when you realize you had forgotten to be present with God for a period of the day. Stop - Rejoice!

The light is come - or you would not know you had been asleep.

Your welcome for the light is hardly great if you use the occasion to scold or measure yourself.

To not be taken away be the ego is not a superhuman task - but an expression of calm trust.

Humanly contrived miracles may run on time but the train never leaves the station.

Is it not the simple desire of your heart to live truly?

I am sure it is - and in that desire is your call and answer.

The attempt to do too much is a way of justifying our day - our existence - our spiritual validity.

Yet you need do nothing for God to be all that God is - right where you are.

It is a matter of attention - which follows value - which expresses desire.

Now you may well discover, that actually you are more active than you thought in valuing that which covers over, distracts or takes you away from being in the presence of love. This is good news - Rejoice!

Why? Because now you have become more conscious and more honest about what you use your mind for.

It hardly helps when - upon such a discovery, the scripts of self guilt and self judgement are replayed.

To be consiously with yourself without moral controls firing off with the carrot and stick of fear or favour is to violate the garden fence boundary that you can cross BECAUSE you are willing ti exercise trust, cooperation, listening and willingness to be guided.

Now you may not believe you are trustworthy - because you have seen things about your mind that are mean at best and tricks with it.

But your desire is your welcome for One who knows you better than you do - and who also knows how to guide you.

The mind tries to whip the heart into line - using any and every tactic. Yet the heart gives freely all that you desire - but - it gives it to you to share - and not to your mind that would keep for itself.

With desire for God in your heart - what is there but God?

You have to get dressed quick to catch the train. Practice doing this in your peace - without calling on anxiety to spur you. God is moving to catch the train.

You have to take an optimum course through various obstacles. let go of trying to work out the path and let God align all things - and be fully present in every step.

God is dancing through the seeming Obstacles(also God).

You got caught up in difficulty and reaction and are out of sorts - and still have to deal with difficult demands. Surrender now! Forgive yourself unconditionally (This means everyone) and bring willingness to stop in an instant - even if the instant is short. - And deeply and fully remember your desire for truth.

It doesn't matter if it all seems grossly messy and you don't feel at all like you handled it at all well - what matters is that you remembered to stop, drop and listen - and then brought trust into play.

The surface mind is loud and seems to run the show - it certainly seems curiously able to get and keep your attention!

But you are moving by your desire to calm and to trust and notice deeper - from a more spacious and less reactive place.

Now it might happen that you have a miraculous day out of a potentially disastrous day - and didn't think of God once.

How so?

Because the thought of God is not just the words and concepts and symbols - but the rootedness of your attention to the real.

Now within this 'world' others may argue about using the term real - but the Spirit knows what is helpful for the needs of all - in terms of awakening and because you have given willingness, God's Agency can answer through you - when ye thinketh not. What is 'answer through you?' - but an expression of Life, love, shared integrity, harmony and peace. In other words the way life naturally works when we are not willfully active in working against it.

To shift from the "External God Power" concept to the all embracing unbounded Source and true Condition of being is a step by step willingness. When God takes the last step there is not a differentiation of God and self excepting as Jesus states it.

We most of us have great fear of God - and of love. Even if we set course we find ourselves thrown back again and again. Such resistance is not a sin - but arises from an ignorance that needs to be dispelled. This is why allowing conscious awareness of the desire that seems to want distraction or delay or to dally in pleasure or whatever doesn't abide and share in the presence of life - allows the Spirit to reveal to your willingness to notice.

Our obstacles are not just things to overcome - they can also be the misread guidances that we need to stop and take in so as to have an upside down map corrected.

Maybe something useful arises in you when you read this. Useful in the sense of a sudden shift of attention from a sense of dilemna to a current relationship.

I like the word current as it means now and also means flow.

I said once that the secret to making love - is

to already be making love.

In other words, the form of it isn't defined by a beginning and an end or by specific forms at all.

Making love is the ongoing dance and flow of relationship.

If you 'go off' on a thought (or ten thousand), then  as soon as you feel the dissonance - use it to waken.

If you do not go off in thought - but share the light of life and love in your tasks, your play or walking together - then don't interrupt the flow with spiritual thoughts - but just check in with your heart's light if any question should arise. Dissonance is undisguisable in love and light.

We have our love relationship with God - Spirit - we share that with our lover, our partner, our family, our community, our workplace our trees and sky and birds and world at large.
It is one love but the forms of the dance differ. The more unified and whole we let ourselves be the more consistent and congruent our life becomes.

For the love of God why would I bitch about X? (I'm bitching about X - dissonance alert - Let truth be revealed to me here that God's sanity and peace can be a basis for whatever is next).

There - that's also a tool - dissonance alert. If it isn't going off you are either too awake for any trouble to attract you - or are so well managed in your sleeping habit that every thing can be taken for grantedly dealt with as if it was just the way the world is and you just manage it successfully.

If you really want to be with God it must follow that you really do not want to be with egocentricity.

What we really do not want - is dissonant to our heart.

On this basis alone - all of the world we know should be called in question.