When teachings talk of the illusion of the world

I feel the teaching awakens or re-minds an awareness in stillness such that, instead of running with the notions of self and world that habitually arise from the past,  attention is rested in a greater flow of being – that is already the case but was forgot while it was ‘self engaged’.
It is the ‘self seriousness’ arising from engagement with self image and the mind of judgement that upholds it, that costs us the appreciation and sharing of Life.

To ‘put down’ our role and accept that we are the maker of the script is to confess and relinquish specialness. I say confess, because we know it is a mean spirited an unloving thought that uses others and all things selfishly - and we associate it with guilt – without realising that guilt is simply the continuation of specialness; a condition of self illusion.

If you haven't seen a fake 16 dollar bill, then that is because there is not a real 16 dollar bill to make a copy of.  A fake dollar bill is an illusion of ‘something’ real.
To be awake and appreciative of the original is an appreciation and recognition of the real. It is when we try to grasp or stop life, analyse it and define it so as to be able to say something ‘about reality’ - that we invariable enter the arena of the mind and vocabulary of separation.

Because the awareness and the object of awareness are not actually two. Nor is the object of awareness outside you. This is hardly obvious while the role given by the script is identified with as ‘me’.  And it is hardly obvious that a script is running while I believe I can look outside and see enemy,  threat, and unworthiness of love.  Yet opposition is the purpose that gives a sense of a self in limitation, drama and struggle. When it is no longer wanted, it is no longer cultivated.

The Teacher of peace offers the ‘Living World’ to the learner of peace. Peace itself is not learned, but the conditions of war have been, and must be left unused. This is like learning you but hurt yourself – and now learning not to do that – in order to awaken truly beyond hurt or hurting.

In Peace


What you have given specialness has left you bankrupt, and your treasure-house barren and empty, with an open door inviting everything that would disturb your peace to enter and destroy. ~ A Course in Miracles T24

In dreams effect and cause are interchanged, for here the maker of the dream believes that what he made is happening TO him. He does NOT realize he picked a thread from here, a scrap from there, and wove a picture
out of nothing. For the parts do NOT belong together, and the whole contributes nothing to the parts to GIVE them meaning. ~ A Course in Miracles T24