“This is my Child – Who is my Joy Extending”

Jesus came to fulfil the law and yet transcend the law in love.

That is what came to my mind when I considered that, though the term ‘Holy Spirit’ may be particular to specific teachings, the living experience of this One is of Intimately recognised Friend who has never not been with us, within our thought and heart through all our days. But had not been discerned so directly, for the way had not then been made straight!

But as with the parable of the wheat and the tares, our experience of the world mixes and confuses the false with truths. For a time they grow together until at harvest they are sorted.

As the truth of our heart’s desire breaks through and is felt more clearly, so the desire of our truth becomes the seat of our identity and we find we will not tolerate loveless-ness as our truth - but that it is too alien and uncomfortable to make a home in – much less a fortress - even though our temporal experience may seem to proclaim it real.

“There must be a way – a better way – a way of Life not death - and I call for this out of a faith that I find in my heart of hearts”.

“I am the willingness to be the instrument of the Way of Life which I – of myself - do not and can not know – but will be shown me – as I ask – in love – of my Father.”

“This is my Child – Who is my Joy Extending”.

The devil or Satan was the symbol for which we now often use ego – and as the term 'ego' becomes associated in our minds with a power of guilt and fear, it too will become limited in its usefulness.

The tempter is that wish and its voice that sees all things in terms of ‘me, myself and mine’ and will use the teaching even as it already uses the Kingdom of Heaven – as a basis for substitution for establishing its own self illusion.

Picking out truths and presenting them so as to get a sense of position, wealth or power – yet the final temptation of Jesus in the desert reveals its bottom line – ‘Worship me and take dominion of all things’.

This is the ego’s promise and we who listen still are yet deceived that we are in control and that we can get the good - or get out from the bad - by our own power – not realising that this act is the loss of awareness of true Power in which the Good is guaranteed and the evil is - not here.

But must I turn from the voice of division and put it behind me or I choose to be deceived.

In The Urantia Book – or was it one of the other Gospels? – Jesus had begun teaching, and doing the works of love and yet become sore in his heart that none were actually thirsty for Truth and this led him to go out into the wilderness and confront and reject the false or self will, inevitably associated with the disappointments that stem from asserting “I want it thus!”.

Somewhere in A Course in Miracles, Jesus likens ego-perception itself as a temper tantrum (an tempter trauma) that expresses “I want it thus!”.

To begin to discern that such a voice has us by the ear is to begin to release it - and let the Light correct our misperceptions of all things.
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This posting arose out of a shared study of the Bible and of the Holy Spirit Interpretations given in NTI.

This is sharing the journey in a like manner to how the NTI came to be.
I am enjoying reading a passage a day and walking with others who are doing the same.

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