Are we God's "virtual reality"?

This question was asked and instead of answering no - I felt to write whatever came up from pondering the question.

The life we think and believe we have is not LIFE.

The human reality lived through the mask is a counterfeit - reproduction - a virtual reality - something that appears to be a reality but isn't.

Our True Location is God; the Process in awareness of being - and this simply is.

The experience of a limited mind in a body in a physical world occurs within awareness.

Our experience in the world says our awareness is a freak or unknown phenomenon - or gift from a mysterious God - arising from a process of merely mechanical events that result in an embodied ‘survive and replicate’ mechanism that has self awareness - is conscious of its own existence. You know that you are.

But the voice for the world is the justification for and an expression of a masked mentality. It is the private mentality and assertion of will - that is the survive and replicate mechanism which the world reflects to any who engage it.

What we generally call thinking is like static - a constant commentary and distraction from that which is below the active focus of attention. The thought or belief that is held in the heart - whether it be held deeply in secret or pushed down in secret denial - is the filtering distortion that prevents acceptance of all that is - as it is.

It is not inflicted upon us by another nor is it something for which we can be held responsible as a sin - for it is simply the result of ignorance. But we are responsible for the use to which we use our minds and what we choose to focus our attention on we give priority and value to.
We are teacher and learner - but can only extend the thoughts of original mind or the thinking of private self interest - which is adept at masking itself as love, concern and well intentioned help.

The mind is never really set or stuck or fixed for there is nothing but its own thought in which to be limited by, and it is absurd to believe that a mind could actually be trapped in its own thought - for it can change its focus and release the thought at will. Freedom is the nature of original mind.

But mind can seem to be trapped - when it interprets all things according to its own judgements in contradiction to the nature and truth of what the mind actually is. And it can therefore have the experience of suffering any degree of good or evil in its own terms - but cannot make its interpretation real except to its own wish - for it is a fiction. You remain as you are created - not as a human being - but as a presence of awareness - an individuality.

Heaven, Creation, the Kingdom of Heaven, these are symbols for the absence of guilt, fear or lack and any of the mis-creations that proceed from them. It is not in the past but is eternally present as the Flow of being. All is as it Is and Intimately Knows All is as it is. This is as like a river that is the process of pure awareness - for it is universal and yet aware in every part. It is not static - yet is unchangeable. Its Movement is always Knowing itself in all that arises as its Thought. Its Expressions are its own extension but do not leave the mind or be different in their same creative freedom to extend awareness - except in one regard - that they do not create themselves but are created.

All Expression of God is the Son - the Effect that gives Fatherhood to God as Cause. This Singularity has no existence in temporal dualistic terms. It is not located in time or space or consciousness - but is the underlying Unified Field of which time space and consciousness are perceptual distortions appearing as distances between what remains indivisible.

Leaving Eden is an imaginary exile - but it’s motive force progressively continues in the same impulse or seed desire to dislocate until it becomes intolerable - when there is no place left to hide - or dislocate - into.

Indivisible Singularity has no opposite or conflictedness - it is unspeakable and can only be hinted at in “Is” or “I Am”. No one sees God and lives because only God knows God.

But to see or recognise the Son in another is to see the Father - for the Son is the Father’s Expression. The opening to guiltless vision is the Light in which One Self is intuited at the heart. There is one love that knows itself infinitely and intimately - and this is the very Ground of your being revealed in your willingness to release all judgement and allow the present to be wholly itself.

But this is the way of release from a compelling and fearful identification with uncreative thought. I will call it the wish to judge and determine from a private perspective. To make things in your own thought as you would have them be.

I have written extensively on this elsewhere so in brief - to engage in loveless intent has all the effects of attacking the mind and rendering it both victim and guilty, powerless and clinging to a wish for power, ignorant of Divine order and compelled to assert order upon itself and all things to protect itself from what it does not know. Yet it only knows its own grasped mind of getting and what it fears and does not recognize - is its Self.

For the Divine is veiled to the mind that looks through the lens or mask of judgement.
And the drama of conflicting powers amidst separated fragments of being seen as whole but separated beings and things is without any meaning or visibility to Infinite Love.

They are mutually exclusive - but The Divine dispels illusion entirely if they are brought together. Therefore the mind that seeks protection of its illusions will justify any means to hide from Truth by presenting a mask - an image of itself in story.

The mask has two faces - one is turned out to 'the world' as the image that is presented to oneself firstly, and to others secondly, in the attempt to validate it - to make it 'real'.

The other is that from which we (usually unknowingly) seek to hide from in terror and which impels us to make perpetual and ongoing presentation of defence to mitigates or limit the otherwise untenable dis-ease of conflicted heart and mind. This could be called unconscious guilt, hatred and fear. But it is never altogether hidden but that it leaks - for it is subverting and distorting all things until the heart awakens.

The imperative of a mind intent on maintaining separation is to make safe amidst believed guilt and fear by means of denial, hiding, distracting, pretending and wishing to believe anything whatsoever that serves its purpose of 'surviving'. It uses its past to interpret the present and does not connect directly - but always via its particular associations and desires.

The mask is a mind-lens or filter that disrupts Communion of Self in God while it is employed - and interprets all things in its own image for that is its intent. To make a 'self upon a world' that is itself made upon the denial of God.

Yet I is altogether lonely without God - regardless of anything the world can offer - it will not fulfil but only inflame or deaden if used as substitute for love. God is no consolatory belief but the awakened and connected heart and mind that knows love, peace, joy, gratitude, glory, wonder and awe - as the very life that is shared through me in order that by giving - I have.

Th refusal and release of the mask of judgement and control is the turnabout from self interest to enlightened self interest. Relationships become the means to give - and receive - instead of a means to get by force or by guile - or through mutual bargaining.

All things of the world take on a different purpose and perception as the mind is aligned with the heart.

Nothing needed to change but the source from which I chose to be guided.