As you sow so shall you reap

As you sow so shall you reap.

“You made your bed and now you have to lie in it!”

If we lie to make our bed, we will tend to believe that we are actually in it and then interpret all things as if our view were true. But we cannot be out of accord with our hearts without suffering discord. We may be ingenious in our ways to manage this - but lack of peace in the heart is simply the cost of being out of true.

Peace of heart is not a mere quiet - but is the capacity and presence to behold glory, the spontaneous rising joy in freedom, a countenance divine. This is life - and the wages of sin are death because this life remains unrecognised, unshared - though it is all around!

The idea of divine punishment is insane. It perpetuates insanity. God doesn't do it so it must be a twist of mirrors and shadows and smoke. To be out of accord with our own truth - our own essential nature - is uncomfortable. The Intelligence that is divine offers this warning so as if to say; “Stop trying to do what cannot work and return to your right mind”.
And if you return your mind to the heart and be rested you will find the discord is not here.

But in wilfulness we may persist in spite of warning and continue to engage in privately asserted agendas that express “I want it thus!”. And perceive the dissonant warning as an obstacle to be overcome, a threat, an enemy. And so we make war on life in order to get our way - and suffer our own attack. Yet though we diminsh and become worn down by travails we fight to retain the right we think is ours, to determine by our own judgement, what is good and what is evil - according to the particular goals we have set in our seriously imaginary experience. Imaginary - because it overlays the present with images of the past, and with anticipations of the future. Asserts reality itself to be disconnected bits that can be arranged to suit, and makes a story of itself that becomes more dear than life itself.

Sowing and reaping need to be brought present and then they do not need to relate to a future retribution or reward - but to the now.
As you are sowing so shall your harvest be known by you.
This is the heart of the Golden Rule - give as you would receive - for it expresses truth.
You set the measure and are measured therby. To give as God gives is to let no measure be set and to practice this is to teach as you would learn.

What I choose to learn and teach now sets the criteria by which all else will either be revealed in light or hidden in the dark. What do I want?
There are many who think they want to stay hid in the dark, but I trust they will change their mind as I allow my own to be changed - for we share one mind.
Giving is simply the unwithholding of the thought or life we receive. It comes to us eternally new and pure but we have mostly forgotten it in our mental shackled movie house.

The mind that makes cause and affect into a punishment is that which believes its own guilt and sees it everywhere. It is the mind that knows not what it does. It is your mind and yet by light you are and know and have your being. You have not left your Cause.

Remembrance is the Heart's sanity restored to the mind.