Allowing the heart expression in the day at hand

How is it that I write and you read – and a gift is shared?

I can look into my own heart with regard to what is revealing itself to me.

Perhaps I should say ‘I can look into the heart’ because I speak not of the broken or wounded heart that seems to be within the human drama – but the heart that simply knows, sees, intuits or discerns – whenever we are still enough and curious enough to ask of it - and trust what is uncovered.

If I listen and discern in the heart instead of recycling old judgements and reactions - I find sense of something alive and feel a movement within.
It’s like - just noticing something – in a present sort of way - and acting unselfconsciously from a natural impulse that arises from within it.

Such impulses are opportunities for gladness and they also can be easily overlooked and become unnoticed and ‘unconscious’ while we are otherwise engaged in following what we think we should be doing according to some stratagem or other that became complicated instead of actually fulfilling us.

So in between thinking about anything I write - do also simply look into your own heart with regard to what is revealing itself to you!

in Love's blessing