True Cause - at one with its Effect

We must recognize that singe events have multiple causes.

I felt like sketching something from a blank canvas...

Cause and effect is fundamental to a cohesive consciousness of anything - but there are different levels that this term applies accordingly.

As an Instantaneous Event - The Expression of Effect is not in any way separate from Cause. That is - this is not a time-concept of a cause leading to an effect. It is more akin to the quantum idea of the collapse from Infinite probabilities to a specific expression of the Infinite AS the perspective - and being prior to any idea of interval or distance - contains within itself all possibilities of time and space - now - so to speak. But not now as defined between a past and future reference. More like all the frames on a cine film are now when spread out - regardless they can be played in sequence - or like all of the radio and tv channels are now - but you can only tune to one or another by changing the receiving focus accordingly. At this Intimacy of Existence, one may say its quality is awareness of existing but these are not two things. The stark or naked feeling of existing is not absent any aspect of the moment or indeed movement of being and yet the movement or focusing within self-definition operates an illusion of self differentiation from All - so as to open a perspective experience within Is - and indeed an infinitely rich perspective of always new always unique reflection and interaction between All That Is.

Having sketched something pointing to Indivisibility - including reflective experience of Itself - the extension of individuality is an unfolding within Itself of the Idea of Itself - for what is of the Creative is likewise Creative. The movement of focusing within facets of the Infinite is desire and intent - along the lines of its developing consciousness. Please allow that billions of such moments fit inside a second as we take a second in time to be - and that there are no limits on Imagination apart from what are accepted or self-imposed as part of the unfolding exploration of idea.

Within the idea of unfolding experience and growing consciousness as an act of Creation is the focus within a sequential pathway amidst infinite parallel reality probabilities. and that consciousness is a focusing through the construct of impressions, connections, resonances and definitions that in a sense 'flesh out' or embody form and structure, vibration and communication - as a sense of creation within a spectrum of parameters that are themselves fluid or dense according to their function within the whole Idea.

Within the idea of form is the identification within form or image by which to 'experience' the result of investment of  energy holding attention - and such identity may be release to the whole or recalled as a 'continuity' of identification and exploration, in any number of ways. But leaning into the idea of attachment to form outcomes generates the capacity to put everything else to the back or on hold - while more exclusively holding a sense of separate or independent consciousness - as if an Effect could in fact disconnect from its Cause - and create from a privately asserted sense of self - rather than co-creatively within a wholeness of being. That this was believed possible made the resulting reflection of dissonance believable as an act of rejection, denial, opposition or indeed betrayal. In one way or another separation trauma conditioned a fragmentation of consciousness in which a misuse of consciousness was felt to result in Fall or punishment - or indeed that a righteous consciousness was rejected, unsupported and abandoned. All the stories are not only our history - but the human conditioning by which we operate as if Cause was replaced by an effect or our own doing or intent - so as to make a past unlike the present and view the present in terms of that past so as to re-enact it into a future. And so we are assigning cause to effects and being defined by and adapting to them from the persistence in the attempt to exert power over the effect - and becoming entangled in giving power to misidentifications arising from a sense of overwhelming dissonance or panic - that is the mind fragments or dissociates in substitute reality that hides feared cause by assigning scapegoats and diversions and hides that it does so - to present itself in terms that no longer feel so directly dissonant or conflicted - but project this pattern onto its relations and world.

Into this reversal of cause and effect the crisis of recognition of false foundation awakens an exposure or revealing of the already true foundation, no longer completely covered or hidden by a false assertion.

Recognizing and aligning in the true replaces or purifies the corruption of the false or the adulteration of the true so as to grow in the recognition and discernment of truth as lived and not as conceptualized in forms of identity and control. For the true is that we have vibrational correspondences that align and attract all kinds of experience as well as the meanings we give and receive from them and a core aspect of this quality of consciousness is the nature of the thought and desire that is active - regardless whether is is unconscious or subconscious or within the waking consciousness. All thought is active at some level - but thoughts proceeding from fear, hatred, or unworthiness will draw reinforcing scenarios - regardless they may be masked within positive thinking or socially acceptable presentations.

Opening a balanced and receptive consciousness amidst a deceitful and coercive sense of necessity is the transformation of that personality structure or 'thought system' - so as to assign to Cause that which is First - and to Effect, that which embodies and reflects its Cause. And so beauty is in the recognition of the beloved and not in the eye or the beholder or the form or condition of the lovely. But is a transcendent embrace of both in a fresh perspective. Creation is not making props so much as opening perspectives that reveal everything in a new light.

Much of the preoccupation of human thinking with cause is around the redistribution of blame and the acquisition of the power to define and control - so as to seek primacy or dominion over while outsourcing the pain-effects.

A currency of guilt running on fear indebts everyone to a system of sacrifice. But no matter how cunning or deceitful the manipulator, the availability to being deceived is via a willingness to deceive ourselves or to assert what is not true and want it true - in place of a simple honesty of being -  but the separation trauma which are almost all held in denial - account for why we do not trust or open or allow - because there is hurt in our heart.

Whatever the seeming cause, re-cognition of true Cause, heals or corrects. But this waits on willingness because willingness is the core attribute of our true creative power and acceptance is of course the release of a false sense of power. Within the world one can assign or agree to all manner of causes and be live them for a while and have the fruit of the belief that you wanted to be true. But cause is not within the world so much as an encompassing idea the world embodies. Yet also this - while we believe the world is cause - so will it have power over us - and so honesty works with where we are at rather than wishing to be otherwise and asserting it.

Of all the possibilities available choose those which resonate with the true of who you honestly feel and know yourself to be - in any moment where a choice is called for. Not to determine anyone else's choices - but to align your own within the themes you are living out as this lifetime because at a deeper level than you currently recall, you chose or accepted this journey or you would not be here. This is putting cause where it belongs rather than claiming victim to a cruel and coercive existence as if it is exclusively and necessarily true. I am not saying we do not suffer the latter but that the perspective for the former opens a door that seemed forever lost or shut and barred.