Self conflict, disease, denial and deceit

What you’ll never read about virus-research fraud: The rabbit hole
by Jon Rappoport

 The article is about deceits masking as science and indicates how once a story of false association can be got to 'stick' - other leverage can use that false premise without being challenged.

I wrote with reflections on the nature of such misidentification and its undercurrent patterns of self-conflicted misalignment and imbalance.

Mis-identity operates by false association. From false premise logic proceeds automatically.
It wont seem like logic if the premise is insane. Un-owned and un-healed fear operates contagion of self-replicating patterning - though it can mutate or shift form and trigger infection by reactions that then validate false premise. But a sense of lack will go forth and multiply lack. An abundance of lack. Why not play a different movie, now we see how powerful is the Projector to magnify and share whatever we hold desire and focus in?

Whereas mistakes can be inadvertently followed until feedback uncovers and corrects, deceitful manipulation looks for opportunity to leverage an already active fear or guilt, by offering a displacement of the inner conflicted relational breakdown, to an outer agency of 'causation' - this relieves the fearful one of personal responsibility in large part because the cover story is an authority that can not only diagnose, but treat - or at least manage the 'dis-ease' in such a way as to to minimise or block its effects or symptoms and claim efficacy. This then proceeds to invalidate anything that would expose the ruse - because the underlying core issue is of the drive to deny and 'escape' extreme and intolerable inner conflict by asserted pretence and denial that is both coercive and manipulative in the name of survival relative to overwhelming experience that cannot in its timing find resolution.

The coercive mind of manipulation 'is' the matrix - and attracts and aligns ('bands') with corresponding vibratory match in others - as well as attracting and reinforcing itself by filtering or blocking any other channel of communication.

Holding contradictory premises involves very fast shifting back and forth between unrelated or opposing premises of self in such a way as to present a unifying continuity narrative - that is operating as a cover story for the engaging and protecting of a compartmentalized attention - which includes the notion of a private mind and symbolizes itself as the seemingly autonomous 'body' that it regards as limiting it and separating it from All That Is.

Giving priority of focus to the presentation of face - or front - bands 'conscious experience' and blind-siding what must not be acknowledged or shown bands those facets of self-experience as 'unconscious'. The acting out upon body of believed 'separation needs' arise from assertive self-concept over a wholeness - a wholeness that has set itself into a fragmented loss of identity by summoning all the king's horses and all the king's men - which operates as the denial of the feeling being and of the sense-expression of body in balance - as well as the core function of blocking creative imagination - which is in a sense blamed for the mess as a self/god of good/evil who must be sacrificed to and appeased so as to stay the hand of vengeance or rage and allow some crumbs of comfort by which a tiny sense of self can 'survive' and in its own tiny framework focussed in as 'the world' prevail as a power of like kind.

A schizophrenic god with psychopathic personality facets... God and self are different frequency tags of the same idea - but the coercive denial implicit in self-concept - as an exclusive oppositional power or capacity - divides and rules out true balance in seeking only reinforcement and conformity to its self-premise - and it feels denied, betrayed, rejected and abandoned - with all the corresponding imprints of rage and fear - that are themselves denied and pushed back and down into the body - and reflecting as every kind of assault or affliction upon the body, whose original nature is covered over by layers and layers of defence of such fragmented complexity that the human conditioning is taken as a reality-premise. And the few who challenge or uncover it meet the same core intolerable separation trauma as ever - because it has not found a way to come up and be healed or undone of its false premise.

However, sickness is a crisis of healing for it is at root a call for help that often seeks only where it cannot be found - or for pre-set limited help with removing symptoms without requiring any transformation or awakening perspective of corrected error. And in extreme forms as the usurping of disease by pre-empting its own fear by sacrificing life before any disease has in fact occurred.
Mistakes can be inadvertently followed until feedback reveals the mistake - but the hatred of life that runs in the 'back' uses such dark pathways to effect the pushing down and denying of life.
The unworthy population becomes the scapegoat of disease and limiting the symptoms operates population 'control' agenda. This wont be said up front - but just back a bit is the boardroom meeting and the networking of 'concern' that 'sees' the problem as it really is and pre-empts total chaos and loss with surgical sacrifice of any proportion but that the 'power to prevail and protect its power' persists.

 The jack in the box comes up with all the force it is pushed down. But the force is not in conflict when you recognize it is all your own. The need to box in or box off from by force, is different from simply tuning into what you want and attracting it in thought word and deed as your own creative discovery. There is no conflict in doing what you truly want. But conflicts come up to be recognized and undone. A lack of worthiness in a sense of denial and wrongness of self masking as if to 'right' itself only persists the original belief in lack of self. Don't look to concept for the living - be moved - be receptive to being moved and regain a trust of balancing within all that you are - which is always more than any idea or image.