Backing the wrong horse?

How I Know for Sure I am Not Yet Enlightened

The above article looks for certainty in a negative and then seeks to use that as a positive.

My comment:

A false belief does not require work to lose its currency of usefulness. If you assert the untrue as if true - that is very different from accepting the false as if true - and has its own underlying beliefs as to what you get out of choosing to persist in a knowing 'lie'.

As someone pointed out the personal enlightenment is an oxymoron or self-contradiction. Self contradiction is the device of the mind which can believe and follow what is not true or out of true in allegiance to something valued above true - or usurping true - whereby the false thinking operates to deny true recognition - while believing itself right in its judgements.

To be sure that you are not enlightened is a strange 'knowledge' to be certain in claiming as true. Is a certainty of being felt and known in ANY claim of self-defined identity?
The lack of any claim or conclusion of self allows a receptivity or conductivity for Life to be itself and recognize itself in its own terms. A true sense of unalloyed worth extends to all and recognizes itself in all. Only the mind creates the definitions and narratives of unworthiness relative to self image or concept - and so seeks to find validation or the means to become 'worthy' - which only reinforces the original mis-idenification.

Acceptance of who you are - or the movement that is being Everything right where you are, is adding nothing and taking nothing away from what is already true - which arises naturally from releasing the investment in forms of identification that operate denial.
In that sense the willingness to know nothing and find or be found in beginner's mind opens a receptivity that presumed knowledge blocks, filters or distorts. Every moment is a new beginning - or rather a fresh appreciation. IF the mind comes in - does it have to be given a negative role? Or can it be noticing the mind?

The feeling of Existence knows itself being - and wherever I am is defined in any differentiation from the primary quality of existence, I has experience in terms of that self-definition. When we are aligned with our true nature, we are identified perfectly - with no 'identity struggle' for validation, apology or justification. To be certain of identity struggle is to stop the messenger from delivering the message by persisting in the conditions where communication cant get through.