Everything is connected in You

Jon Rappoport writes on ‘what is the Matrix’

I don't agree with the way he frames his communication:

My response:

There is a misunderstanding here. The matrix is the mind that pretends to disconnect - and claims that 'individuality' is a power unto itself and thinks IT has and can exploit imagination at will - but becomes trapped within its own definitions in a world of separate and oppositional polarities.

So it is not that all the separate ones or things are connected - but that they are never truly separate or disconnected from the Imagination in which they arise.
That sense of disconnect and power over a part of the game of identifying with the character of the dream as if the dream is not Your separation experience of the Wholeness (though it hasn't got a name because there is no one and nothing OUTSIDE to make an object of it. Or be an object to It.
Clearly something is arising as experience and the nature of that is always an expression of what YOU are defining yourself in relation to your world. It is a dance in which the one has experience of differentiation of partial and unique perspective and Infinitely so.

Humpty never truly fell. But the belief runs on. You don't need to put him together again - but merely to open to the Source of your being by NOT struggling with or from a false premise and making it real for you thereby.
There is a reintegrating movement to a fragmented sense of being and your do recognize yourself more directly, more intimately and more expansively as a result of re-alignment within who you truly are rather than struggling from a basis that is not the true of you.

But one cannot talk this true. The experiencing of what we are as we are is part of allowing new perspective in - which indeed can be seen as a Life serving free willing creative imagination that embodies in active willingness to live from what is revealed rather than make an identity to then try to sell or validate on others. For one of the ways we do not let healing in is to run off with some of the forms of insight before we have really let them become in us.

Nothing exists without the rest of All That Is. Give me anything that has independent existence - for there is no such thing! - yet the wish-belief to BE such a one must colour all else likewise.

Everything - and much more than we are currently or consciously aware of is an expression or embodiment of Existence. Existence itself is dimensionless and contains infinite dimensions - which include awareness of existing - and that is where you are - whether you recognize this is what you are, or prefer to identify in your own terms. They don't actually change what you are - but they do create a focus of experience. Your experience is not a punishment or vengeance - but such ideas have found receptivity and acceptance in your mind and so you are liable to receive or interpret in the measure you have given out.

Show me anything you can experience that is outside your consciousness... Show me one thing you can experience that you cannot imagine... Yet you can experience an expansion of scope so as to appreciate a richer and more intimate sense of whatever it is you are accepting focus in.

It is the 'ego' sense that is not connected to anything - and makes up meanings that redefine the Living into a slave or as stuff to exploit and lay to waste. This thing seeks dominion and to determine judgement and definition and control over instead of extending recognition of worth. It is a weird 'creation' that has no independent existence because it rides on your determination to have it your OWN way at expense of others. This is self-contradicting but seems to make sense within its own framing. But makes nonsense of who you truly are.

It is a hopeless futility to try to create a 'positive' upon a negation of your self/Life and then assert that in place of who you are. But having done so - you can yield this imaged identifiction of 'self' to your Source and all that is true floats to the top while all that is false falls away unwanted. Why? Because you want freedom, joy, peace and the quality of love to rise freely in you because that is who you are and who you recognize yourself to be.

What about the evil shit then?
That which does not fall away untrue still has your allegiance and support. You are still getting something you think you want from it and even if 'hidden in your unconscious - it remains active until you check it out and become clear instead of hiding in what used to seem to work.
While hatred is active - love will be killed or denied - unless you move the hatred within a willingness to be healed of it . Under rage is hate and under hate is hurt. Hurt is a heart thing. It hurts in the heart. The mind attempts to displace and redistribute pain. Doesn't work. Re vision. Look anew. Be honest with your feelings - denied feelings turn dark. It takes whatever it takes but as the silly ad says - You're worth it... because you Exist. Not because you deserve or are unworthy in the terms you made up and believed. Because you Exist. There's a connection that can be overlaid with narrative - but remains unchanged. And you can Feel this here and now whenever you take off you mind and be exactly this.