The mark of the Beast?

Why Is There Suddenly Such A Huge Push For ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Technology?

The Beast rises up from the Deep...
The patterns of deceit by which a coercive sense of control over a separated sense of Life are coming up into awareness.
That which 'operated' in the 'dark' or the deep of Unconsciousness is being illuminated.
What is this but our core separation trauma - and its immediate reactive 'mind' of fragmentation and struggle for power of control and position?
The human conditioning has never not been active in our known or even dimly remembered mythic history - being the "fall" or rather the belief, identity and defensive protection of the "separation" - which is active in belief and story but not in the actual capacity or gift of existence awareness.
The 'mind' that has been a sense of power and protection is relative to the fragmentation that formed to NOT KNOW what was then overwhelming - and the fear of loss of control, loss of self, loss of power and so forth is the trigger of a survival mentality that could be called 'reptilian' or primitive - being an subconscious fight or flight response for specific occasions within the experience of physical reality. However in the "Control" mentality it becomes the defacto "mind" that looks out on food . ammo. ally or threat - no matter what is actually present - and even comes to believe its existence depends on propagating enmity and division - and hence obfuscation and darkness - so as to "survive". Except this operates a self and other-destructive agenda (as the tares amidst the wheat) which bring pain, deprivation, misery and death - along with the potential to PAUSE from reaction and question the beliefs and core definitions that bring such repeated experience - rather than persist in what actually does not and cannot really work.

The key to take from what I feel to offer here is that you cannot expect or make anyone ELSE release their 'control' mentality or fearful sense of self-definition, but you can PAUSE from thought or behavioural reaction to NOTICE more of what is going on beneath your own thinking and perception - and the behaviours that then seem automatic or 'natural' to such a sense of personal opportunity or threat - but which are embodying and supporting a fearful script from which a fearful world reflects - even if done in a wish or intention of being 'kind or loving'. One has to look to the very foundation in a true willingness for Life - as an embrace and embracing quality of communication and relationship.

The escalation of 'control' technologies, is the SAME as the rising of the sense of UNCONTROLLABLE-NESS, but a relationship of honouring communication does not require external coercive controls to find balance and harmony in all its parts.
The nature of control needs to relinquish the hateful and focus in control against the allowing of hateful reaction. PAUSING the 'machine mind' to allow creative perspective to restore integrity.

Whatever your 'mind' tells you, your choice or acceptance of foundation is the determiner of the world you meet. If you are tricked by reaction, this becomes the re-education of vigilance against trickery WITHIN yourself. Once you begin to awaken your own 'inner' sense of Sonship (of Life) and brotherhood (in Life), you naturally operate a in supportive and protective way for others as your self in a wholeness of being - rather than feeding the TROLL of conflict, born of lack of love,that operates guilt, hate, and deceits of masked agenda in which trust is lost to a manipulative intent.

The true presence of you is like the Sun - in that it may be covered over with clouds - and yet remains un-coverable to a true desire. True desire is the 'enemy' of a control system - so in order to wake yourself, you have to open from it in a genuine willingness - as you are moved. For we are moved truly - but denied that to allow only what seemed 'safe' to be seen in.

Hating and fearing the 'controllers' or manipulators is only feeding their identity-fragment as part of keeping the state of isolation in which such identities seem meaningful or necessary. As Earth moves out of 'quarantine' a multi-dimensional quality of Existence renders the currency of 'control' increasingly or even suddenly redundant - though perhaps if this IS entangled with your heart's desire - you may live its 'lordship' in some way as to recognize its lack of fulfilment. Nothing external can truly fulfil that which is itself programmed by a sense of deprivation and lack. Everything stolen, steals your Peace - by your own word is it so - and not at the hand of another.

Being moved is the nature of the focusing within consciousness - and what we accept or choose to be moved by or FROM is the most fundamental freedom or indeed waking responsibility unto ourself and unto all. Balance does not arise from the carrot and stick - but if we recognize our own choice for carrot and stick 'mind' operates the denial of the true movement of our being - then we can leave the choice for carrot and stick like un-taken bait, and be open to the movement of being that is associated with guidance and support from WITHIN - that also communicates through synchronicities of what seems 'without'.

Though I write with words and ideas - the willingness to yield WITHIN is wordless or simple and requires no change to first occur. Regardless the terms you do or don't have or use for your true being - it embraces you perfectly but only to your willingness will your desire rise in the clear. And even so it comes into a mind that is habituated to exploit, attack and usurp - yet only scripts itself as having 'lost it' or been cut off in some way. Separation trauma rise from self-concept or rigidly mind-framed sense of self. As long as one persists the condition of separation and rejection, does the reflected denial seem to come back at us in distressing disguises.

There is within us, a re-integrative movement of being - because there has been a set into a segregative imposition upon the movement of being. healing and wholeness is not an overcoming of enemy so much as a yielding to true alignment. One may meet great resistance to such in oneself and therefore manifest conflict, drama and heartbreak - before arriving at a simplicity of vision and choice - in which the 'choiceless' moves spontaneously of itself - without reference to a negative in terms of self justification or apology. Such witness to Life is joy - it all or any form of expression.

Don't just do something - STAND there - and know intimately the movement of being that embraces and inspires a free willing response or creativity - as a unifying purpose of joy - and not a coercive attempt to impose or assert form - 'that doth the winged Life destroy...'.
Let the roles be played out that ARE serving your awakening perspective - and be found in the Living rather than counted among the dead - and perhaps your simple and perhaps thought-less witness stirs those who had so deeply forgotten that they have a true belonging in a greater Intimacy of being - than the mind of itself can believe or conceive true - even here - and now.

- - -

Ah but is it the heart's witness to truth or a self-commentary from one who presumes to be above his brother?
Not all who cry "Lord Lord!" are recognizable in truth.
The word in the heart is usurped by the framing of a form-obsessed mind. Or rather - it is written indelibly - but covered over with much ado about... something that seems so necessary in its timing - in its framing - in its self-assertiveness. Calm the storm and know truly.

In Reply to:
wayne - who wrote:

Jesus writes His name on your heart. Satan writes his name on your forehead. One by willingness, the other by force.
In the past, bullets and food decided who lived and who died, but soon that will be decided electronically at the stroke of a finger, all in the name of security and convenience.
Ironically billions will only find death secured and highly inconvenient, but.........isn't technology wonderful? And besides, you did ask for it and will embrace it with death defying excitement and anticipation I'll bet!
Concise article although sad that its coming.