Lab-grown meat

Execution at Happy Farm
Which world would be better: one in which all meat is grown in a lab or one which still contains humanely farmed animals?

Consider that as you do - so will you be done by - for YOU set the measure by which to believe.

Farming slave animals: pharming and mind-managing sick slave populations?

The inner state of many humans is not so different from the way we treat our world. We impoverish ourselves by extending a lack of love.

The lack of vibrant and felt consciousness is exemplified by a 'flat' concept-led sense of getting mechanism. Such robotic 'consciousness' is not so far from the zombie-meat that elites feed upon.

To have life - give life - and in receiving - honour the giver.

To have a denied life  - deny Life!

The title question 'Should we embrace lab-grown meat?' is absurd. I simply would not think in such terms. The terms should is of a persuasive coercion. If you want to eat lab grown meat- eat it - and if you want to call that 'embracing' then that is also your freedom.

The idea that limiting and denying consciousness is an answer to conflicting pain - and therefore saves one from uncovering and addressing the causes of conflict - is a very old and deeply ingrained approach. Denied self or unconscious denial is no less active for being hidden - but is less visible to correct or heal - because one does not allow  it into consciousness.

The enslavement of Life on Earth has made Earth a 'prison planet' - but regardless that this seems to be the act of a few upon the many - I see the pervasive consciousness of the many as being focused through the few.

As to what you 'should' do - why not drop 'should' and listen-feel for the movement of a wholeness of being? Perhaps because the sense of power derived from judgement is preferred to the power of Life that shares Itself as a movement of Integrity - as a felt intimacy of being that recognizes Itself in all.

Loveless thinking generates a lab-grown meat brain in place of creative embrace. But one can only expand the embrace of where one is - and not where one 'should be'. I cannot make your choices for you - but of course I can communicate into any shared willingness and be part of uncovering what exactly is beneath or within the issues that affect us and which demand to be addressed.