Psychopathic power

Why Are There So Many Psychopaths in Positions of Power?

"Psychopathic" is being used as a blame-hate invalidation. As a new word for evil.
Insofar as it pertains to psycho-emotional sickness, it operates as a diagnosis for a condition of blind hate - that does not even feel itself to be hating - for it operates a particular facet of human conditioning, where cold rage operates as self-certainty that blame-hates a life and a world in which it is denied primacy of position or unfettered power to conform or create in its own image.
Psycho is mind and pathy is sickness. Mind-sickness takes many different forms - and all forms reinforce the mind as split off from being and at war with itself. Psychotic displacement may be more consistent and persistent in its error and therefore more reliable in its results - but a reversed or inverted consciousness is hardly valid or true in its sense of reality.

Our definitions operate creatively or indeed mis-creatively. As we define our self, our mind, our world and each other - so do we let ourselves into, or free ourselves to be, true being or mind-set into a dissociative private and conflicted experience of struggle.

If in accepting a false or loveless premise of self and living as if it were true, we re-define Everything through a distorted and fragmented filter - that then reinforces our judgement.
In terms of the experience of loss of power, violation of self, and entrapment in emotional deceits of entrapment and weakness - the call was for a forceful power by which to invalidate and deny that which seemed to deny us - in the sense of eradicating all opposition to our will - which represented our core sense and assertion of right to be, OVER AND AGAINST 'otherness'.

This rage operates a sense of self-survival and can be triggered readily in most of us - as a temporary blindness in which core separation trauma are re-enacted. However, when the triggering situation is no longer operating or is recognized not to be present - the hate will often be followed by guilt or self-hatred - which may be masked by attempts to justify and mitigate the pain and the act.

Fearing emotional and mental conflicted chaos calls upon a mind unlike or outside ourself to stamp it out or enforce order. And this FORM of order operates what seems to be the salvation from total sacrifice - yet is a god-concept demanding sacrifice of Wholeness so that a part can 'survive' over and against 'others' and including the 'world' that is itself now seen as fragmented and separate things to exploit and use - as 'other' or not Me - and therefore to use or use up in service to a sense of 'me' that gets its 'power' from sacrificing itself to the mind or concept of self over and against other.

How far up the pyramid one elects to 'ascend' is a matter of freeing oneself of moral or social constraint - for power is its own honesty - excepting its foundation is false and therefore all that it fruits is false. The seeming power that arises from determining NOT to allow introspection EXCEPT for strategy of power of deceit over life - holds the negative polarity for the experience of Earth in separated sense of segregation from Life. It is a death wish masking as a survival urge - as if prior to the act of OTHER - all was perfect and should be restored. But the RELATIONSHIP that Is the Movement of Creation is the giving and receiving BOTH as one - and if we believe we receive unfairly and unlike our giving - we are deceived or false to our own self-honesty - and this is the split of mind into 'levels' with conscious and unconscious aspects associating with various patterns of complex defence as self-assertion.

What am I saying here but that the true resolution to our being is not in seeking to get power back from those we in fact ongoingly give it to by our own definitions - but to look within as a profound self-honesty in willingness for true foundation from which to re-cognize the power of Life - of a wholeness of being. Of course one can FAKE any FORM of 'authenticity' and get a private pleasure from false association - if that is what you honestly want. But is that true?