Just Be Cause

Quantum computer created that can tap into parallel universes

My comment:

The Nature of Existence is Existing
and includes knowing Itself as Is
within an infinite range of variables.

The nature of consciousness is a focusing in and through qualities of being that include the idea of place in space and time but are only defined by such ideas by the act of using them.

In this sense you are already a quantum device for the purpose of "know thyself".
At Universal level this is expressed in"and God saw that it was Good (God)".
At Superconsciousness or OverSoul level "Behold My Child whom Is My Delight".
At individual expression level - is the recognition of true match and resonance with the core signature vibration of your Creation - which is not back in alpha - nor perfected in omega - but as a prior 'perfection' from which and within which to align.
The Forgetting of or covering over of Prior Awareness is part of an accepted pathway of exploration experience - which is always within a greater integrity of being - even if apparently working against it for reality is not thrust upon or coercive upon the Creative matrix of experiencing but is attracted and accepted in desire to behold and receive - and thus to embody and give life to. But the Gift does not leave the Giver to be shared or received in Reflection and Recognition of the Receiver.

The idea of separation works 'as if' - and delivers what may be called a virtual existence - experience within a matrix of forgetfulness - initiated and maintained by investment in self-image or concept - which is inherently conflicting with and identified in control over - the Movement of its true being; accepting what supports and conforms its 'self' while rejecting, denying and struggling with those aspects of its totality that its core self-definitions are not supported by.

The struggle with its own experience fixates attention away from its own definition template and conditions the template as reinforcement of a self-survival program amidst threat of loss of self and loss of existence. This 'mind' operates as a defence mechanism - in which offence or dominion is the drive to regain a sense of lost power or lost and denied fulfilment - blamed on other and on Life seen through alienated lens of wish to separate and control the effects.

Science can be dedicated to uncovering the already true for the purpose of validity, or reality testing - in the recognition that ideas which are not true or partial truths taken as totality, result in dysfunction, failure, futility and false and destructive outcomes - and do so under the guise of self-specialness, successful masking of inadequacies or fears, in forms of power or prestige and conferred worth and wealth or privilege and position - including one's name to 'live on' as a kind of officially sanctioned or validated personage.

Science as a human focus of desire and intent is no more free of the core human conditioning than any other endeavour - but believes its own spin. It is 'acceptable' to progress the evolution of human technology without regard to the lack of real evolution at the core conditioning - because it offers a mask of 'escape' from the seemingly insoluble 'problem' of the Human Condition - which is no longer seen as conditioning - but as dense, solid, real, and fixed - and yet the search to exploit and manipulate it persists regardless that this urge is a conditioned blindness that sets up the very conditions of chaotic imbalance that it claims to 'protect' from and control.

Technology IS the extension of a particular aspect of consciousness - but the purpose or foundation that we operate from, is the determiner of its outcome and that is a matter of individual acceptance.

You are already a multidimensionality - but the 'you' of the individual life expression has adapted to and grown from a limited and filtered control mechanism. "In My Father's House are many mansions - and I go to prepare your place" is a statement of reintegrative purpose. However the 'moneylender in the Template' is the strategic attempt to control any access or benefit to any power or knowledge - for which it seeks power for itself by denial of others. This is the basic self-concept unchanged after Millennia.

Parallel reality is part of the Idea-Recognition that Everything Happens at Once! - But within that Totality are infinite lines of probability - because once possibility is engaged in, the experience of unfolding idea arising relative to that focus of energy and attention has probability patterns.

Frequency or vibrational qualities of thought 'switch channels' all the 'time'. The implications of This are the illuminating of the understructure matrix of definition whilst still operating the virtual self. This does not really elicit revolution against the mechanisms and deceits of control-mentality so much as the recognition that they are not fit for purpose - don't and cant work - are unworthy of allegiance - are not allowed to assert themselves as the primary focus - such that an alignment in what is true - and does align true purpose re-integrates, reconfigures and renews a consciousness of awakened responsibility in place of a mask over fear, hate and blame - somehow 'becoming better' or working on itself, or eradicating itself in 'others'.

In the opening of Consciousness from a lonely planet to a Living Plane of Participance a true foundation reveals itself - and yet clinging to the control-paradigm can only see 'threat' from which to hide, escape or eradicate and overcome. But there is no 'battle' with our higher or greater being. We struggle only within our own virtual hell - until we wake to that its insanity is to be awaken from rather than fed with attention and allegiance.

Purveyors of 'mysteries' and 'powers' can frame your narrative - with your permission. But what you do will you be done by. The exploiter must believe in the exploitation they invest identity in and then suffer a prodigal outcome according to the word they give their heart to.

Life has not left the Mind of the Giver - but your mind is free to align or not while it holds such a choice meaningful. But in every idea from which every perception draws every act of response - you are as a scientist receiving valid feedback to your conscious, subconscious and unconscious thought and desire - all of which covers or filters the miraculous or instant recognition of Source-Event as un-separate or beyond and yet embracing all dimensionality.

Any moment of such recognition works the healing from self-illusion within the whole - but we feel it as the call to and fulfilment of joy - and NOT as the tyranny of the demand to sacrifice, deny or belittle consciousness so as to protect from the fear of freedom to love - which extends spontaneously because nothing else is being given an overriding priority. Just be cause.