The mind of Judgement

This is a response to Wayne
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Terms of usage can already encapsulate judgement - so as to 'interpret' all events, relations or communications to support a framework of judgement - which is a self-assertion of a narrative reality upon self-other and world.
I see that everyone always chooses what - in that moment - is the better or not the worse choice for them relative to the definitions they are judging or working from. Most of which are 'already hidden' as subconscious habit and unconscious or denied self.

I would say that you cannot judge but in the wish-belief to be the judge you can only judge the self you made - and ascribe it to self-inadequacies or guilts, to others and to the world and life or God. This IS to make a world in our own image unlike true Creation.

Self growth can mean anything - but in the sense of growing in capacity for honest relational recognition, balance and communication within our whole lives - (from out of a partial sense given to exclusivity) - yes it is the relinquishment or passing through of judgement that removes the block to the recognition of love (and I don't talk here of the substitute for love that passes as currency of manipulating intent).

The psychopathic blindness presumes the right to unfettered pursuit of happiness - in the terms set by the self he or she believe themselves to be - but is unwilling to engage introspection excepting to make a better weapon or mask of deceit by which to get.

Intellectual discussions about the need for judgement tend to be in the realm of validating, and rejecting - through the use of judgement - in terms of already accepted judgements.

Insofar as judging thought arises - one can be oblivious and let it run as if it is your mind, or one can notice it, watch it and see and feel what it is, where it is coming from, the purpose or intent it embodies and importantly... feel it - rather than let it tell you how to feel and therefore how to react.

Discernment is a gift of - or freely arising recognition - you may cover this with self-justifying judgement to 'maintain a sense of power and control' but the movement of being is not self-controlled from some presumption of 'outside self'. There is no such thing excepting virtually As If. So indeed the virtual self is at war within itself - and while we want it to be true we use it to block our native or natural awareness of our true being - by our own will and word. And so we have our reward and feel or experience the receipt of the thought of intent we give - according to the ideas and definitions we accept true of us.

Mind is inherently reflective - that is - whatever is held and accepted or given focus of desire, in awareness, goes forth to multiply as form, embodiment and be experienced, felt and known. "And He saw it was very Good!" is a sense of Self-recognition of perfectly aligned or unconflicted Creation.
The 'Prodigal Wasteland' is a reflection of no less perfectly reflected experience - of a segregative, conflicting and separating SENSE of self-specialness. AS IF - to take an inheritance from a Living Father so as to serve a separated virtual sense of self - experienced in place of Reality.

"I Am" can only be truly spoken and felt by true being - of a true Source. Listen within. For the term "I" can refer to awareness of Reality - in no way separate from all it beholds - or to the self-concept "I" through which all things are judged fitting and supportive - and so 'good' or unfitting and weakening or threatening - and so 'evil'. Lording it over Life is an oxymoron or self contradiction, but glorying in self-image is an image of self as primary, to which all else must conform or align in - or be denied and punished as if to 'correct' the form - as if the form is the true meaning or had built in and fixed meaning.

A world of 'correctness' is a coercive deceit in which hollow forms are joylessly sacrificing to such tyranny.

The Tree of a true knowing is not rejecting of itself - in order to possess for itself - and thus become possessed or blocked by mind of judgement.

If one observes and thus recognizes and accepts that to EVERY action there is an equal but opposite reaction, then it is one's own receiving and giving that must be brought into a light of honest account - for it is what you accept as the meanings arising from the definitions of any situation - that is your life - and the basis from which you live and therefore give or demonstrate.

If coming from a fearful or hateful self-belief or intent - no matter how well hidden or disguised - then only fruit in like kind can  result.  That you have capacity to accept hatred is the capacity to refuse it - but you will not refuse that which seems power or protector to your self - and so a willingness to enquire and feel into what is moving - while it is moving - instead of being triggered into reaction automatically. To use the ability of control to operate on the action resulting from conflicted feeling and thought - so as to allow awareness to 'rise' as a calmer mind allows - in which to discern or know and feel who you are in the "I Am" by yielding the self-concept and all its conflict to a FRESH take in place of a mis-take. Wholeness of being is 'already' moving - but a fragmented mind engages and diverts attention within its OWN version of 'self', relationship and reality. To notice anew is to feel 'connected' again in the living - restored to a felt quality of wholeness in which a sense and support for how to be in the situation at hand is implicit. Until the habit of "going it alone" or managing within a sense of isolation or un-supportedness - triggers the defence mechanism as if a natural focus.

A lack of love is not in itself an existence or true being - but it can be given a sense of autonomy through fear, guilt and denial.
A lack of love can therefore mask itself as anything and everything - and seem to run the world. The investment in hating evil - as each judges it to be for them - is the core identification by which to assert a limiting or denying sense of segregative self - apart from and OTHER to the hated, feared or shameful sense of reality - of self. This is the 'power to separate' - or the nature of separation trauma. But it is a deceit - because what is denied or pushed away remains with us - but manifests in ways we wont recognize because - in a sense - we swore never to un-hide the act by which to seem to live a life WE our self judge or control so as to limit a sense of total loss of self. Is such 'thinking' not our first born son? Is the willingness to release it in desire for truth the way of receiving gift of all that is true in what we made?

"The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love".

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When it comes to self growth "Seeing Other People As The Problem Is The Problem".
This is probably more than an ego or flight or fight mental and emotional habit. The perception of distance like here and over there reinforces separateness and singularity. The more our actions differ, the more distance we see between us and them. If we are of one mind, the more we say they are like us and cooperation trumps and suspends competitiveness. To blame is to see a large distance from where they are, as to where I perceive myself to be (or desire to be).
According to biblical scripture we are discouraged from judging others. This however is impossible using the fight or flight mechanism of survival.
To protect your child, and thereby encourage the best possible outcomes for happiness, you make a judgement that a pedophile would make a poor choice as a babysitter for your child. Without any condemnation your judgement is both protective and wise. But judgement moves from the temporary and flexible (your feelings may change someday), to the rigid and permanent (condemnation or hatred) if your child has been hurt in such a manner. So judgement may be justified to avoid hurt, repair, inconvenience and blame as guilt or hate (regret).
Years ago I read about an exercise to suspend hate and limit judgement. It simply involved saying to yourself "I AM THAT" whenever you looked upon another person and garnered a quick superficial judgement about what you saw or felt about them. It is an exercise in eliminating distance and singularity.
The thief, the killer, the rapist, the liar, the cheater, the prostitute, the drug addict, the poor father, the broke, the disheartened and the destitute, all things THAT I AM, not just capable of under the >same< circumstances, but AM, as there is only oneness and therefor no difference or distance, as both space and time change everything!

"No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves"

If one believes that to EVERY action there is an equal but opposite reaction, then those with the greatest deplorable, disgusting, habits and challenges in life, may also be the worlds greatest assets.
Those therefor that hate may also be those most capable of expressing love in proportion?