Living a Lie?

3 Things to Prepared for No Matter Which Candidate Wins the Election
article at Waking Times

As you expect so will you attract. Are you IN a world of lies fight each other for 'truth' or are you baited, diverted and mesmerised into living a lie?
Waking Times deserves at least some witness for Waking from time - from the imposing of the past upon the future - as a result of the narrative control of a false past upon the present.

Expect opportunities for joy in life and expect guidance and support in navigating, and reintegrating a negatively defined sense of self (and world) when it comes up like a BLOCK that says NO! to who you really are - who you don't have to try to be or be coerced into being.

So we live in such interesting times and each of us chooses - but some choose to lose the awareness that they have choice by actively reinforcing a negative agenda. The nature of deceit operates behind the scenes - in the world as in your mind. What is a lie but an illusion being knowingly asserted and defended in place of the true. If you become aware of a previously unknown participation in a lie - will you make it a lie by turning a blind eye to the true or align with the true and see that the illusion no longer works you - or rather no longer belongs in who you now accept yourself to be.

Be the change that you thought the world had to give you - and then start meeting a different world. Fulfilment is not a carrot and stick affair.