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Why Are There So Many Psychopaths in Positions of Power?

To Wayne's response to my comment to Jo below:

I warn against identifying in or being controlled by hate.The assertion of identity is invested in attachment to self-definitions that are forms of demand for things to be a certain way - or deliver a specific outcome - as a sense of control or power over life. But such identity is different from being identified perfectly within a greater sense of communication and relationship, for it is rigid and fixed as opposed to receptive and flowing.

The mutually agreed definition of a fenced in defence - as the sense of right and power of self - is fundamentally a war mind of 'conditional love' in which certain conditions are set to be met so as not to elicit hateful reaction or outcome - and the undercurrent struggle to win rather than lose position operates by deceit as a hateful agenda - for it seeks 'self' at EXPENSE of other while masking in forms of manipulative intent.

To truly see hate working our mind is to recognize you are not IT. But hate operates a mind of defences of every kind by which to validate itself and justify its hate as righteous or necessary power. Guilt and blame is the currency of such a mind and seems to be our only leverage of power or manipulation of it - in oneself or upon another.

I am suggesting that this is a fundamental mistake from which a destructive and hateful outcome is assured  - indefinitely and repetitively. I am not suggesting that love among equals requires you to be a doormat. Live your life, extend your presence, be the communication that is true of you - fully - and as an honouring of the presence and communication of others.

The fear of OTHER is part of the fixed identity. Expanding and embracing cultural differences is a process of willingness and communication. Sudden exposures to multiple OTHERNESS can freak out - or revert the mind to fight or flight mode - in which communication is lost to a primitive survival response.

When survival instinct is invested with hatred - it becomes extremely destructive to self, other and world. Responsibility is to waking up! - or the outsourcing and fighting over blame keeps us in division, conflict, pain and darkness with false 'lights' of rightness or victory over and against false assignments of evil to the intent of others.

Blame and hate FEELINGS come up to be healed or undone to a healed perspective. If you hate and blame hate and blame feelings - you ensure that NEVER will healing reach you. You have to be responsible for honestly feeling what you feel and finding what is true for you - or not. Of course others can held and certain situations can align helpfully - but first there has to be the stirring of desire for freedom from self-hate and its futility. For we first hate our self and life in some way that then projects out. It did not align to what we believed we wanted - and guess what - everyone and everything else is mostly to blame - or in psychopathic terms, totally blamed.

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Power elitists 'play' their respective compliant populations. They operate 'narrative identity'.
Unless one recognizes the operative 'identity' - one is run by it - and it runs to keep darkness defended against light.
If anti-semitism isn't constantly refuelled - the Jewish identity would fade to national integration. That is not to be allowed - and so the deep fear that everyone ELSE will turn upon you and kill you is kept never too far away. Such fears operate beneath rational thinking - as every advertiser and propagandist knows.
I recommend you beware of hatred - and its capacity to likewise trigger reaction from unconscious fear. Perhaps recognizing the lie of a false identity uncovers a self-hatred that few are willing to pass through - whatever their cultural background.
But instead of projecting it away onto OTHER - we can recognize a lack of love in our mind that calls for healing and not for stamping out or scapegoating onto the OTHER. So whether you are paid to inflame hate or part of a zombie army - Jewish identity politics is different from any kind of Jewish - Semitic or otherwise - inheritance.
And humanity suffers from false identification that power-seekers (on all levels) exploit and nurture - so it's up to you to check in with more honesty than your conditioning will allow you to open to. Hate is blind and I could say, psychopathic.

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 Jo Syphus who said to the main article:

Those aren't psychopaths, just regular jews