Temptation, self-will and release

We may not recognize temptation as what it is - but take it to be the voice of our own heart and mind - when it is but thoughts of spiritual death - presented as desire for a self projection and protection.

In Gethsemene, Jesus found this desire for a separate will was still active in him when he had thought to have relinquished it entirely - for he found his peace upset when his disciples could not watch and pray with him. he recognized this experience as witness to his own self-will and immediately returned tothe Father to offer it up.

And dis likewise yet again - until his peace was witness to the truth of one Will.

Our self-based experience - which is our ‘take’ or interpretation of our nowness - is our self and our world - both. It is of the nature of a duality.

But it is not Truth - for we can experience unlike Truth, through the use of judgement, imagination, wishful thinking and desire. I can experience myself as I am not - and suffer as if it were true.

Without Truth's perspective - we could not know our self made illusion was unreal - for it would be all in all to us.

But behind (and before) the dreaming of the self in a world made flesh - is the Peace and Presence of Truth that is your direct and living Eternality. Its Light is one with the light of your own awareness, and its awakening and remembrance is the transformation of a dream of a life in fear and darkness, to a communioned life in joy and trust.

An image that came to me that speaks of the falsely identified self  - is of turtle island. Where 'we' live out our life stories on a world that seem solid  - until the turtle moves. Excepting the Being-ness of God - is not an Alien Will that 'nothings' us - but is the Source and Truth of All that we Truly are - even within our self projecting desire.

The self-desire is a seeming contra-movement to the Self Extending Inclusion. And from its standpoint - we think, and act out from a Thought "I" -  and we experience ourselves body exclusively - which is to say we forget the Mother/Father - the Allness and Nowness of Direct Being.

Instead we have a fragmented experience of now - defined and separated wilfully - yet experienced as if the world does it to us.

The release of the self-will - (Which is the corollory of the acceptance of a life in love and service to Life Itself) - necessarily involves the recognition of the thought-desire for what it truly is - and its release.

Our nowness is an always on, feedback device. If it speaks of limitation - then there are currently limiting thoughts affecting our interpretation or appreciation of reality.

Now Jesus was apparently 'limited' with and by extreme conditions of unlove, the acting out of denial upon the body. But his nowness was of the Father. When false questioning was applied to him - he answered Not - but remained at one in peace of the Truth of a Wholly Loving God.

How so - but by the Love of the Father Who Knows His Son as He Is.

And not as the Son can imagine himself to be; in opposition or competition with any aspect of himself.

So the release of the self-will is an always already-now response to the substitute nowness that we take to be living in the world as limited power.
And is the automatic result of not hiding or disguising seperation thoughts in the dark - but of allowing them to be revealed in Light - as they are.

Paul (of Tarsus) fought against self-will and therefore identified with it as real. This is not a cause fro blame but a cause to stop, look and listen anew. There can seem to be an Enemy to God, to Life and to Love. And the temptation to see this outside ourselves is a most fundamental - but misguided - self protection.

That such an evil will is our own self surely demands that it be obliterated, damned - put out! - says confusion.

Be still and listen Only for Truth's Guidance. Suffer not to react on the basis of confusion but wait on the Spirit of the One God, whose signs and fruits are known in secret - in the Heart - that the world knows not.

To take one step in Guidance, is to allow alignment with God now. And the experience will of itself reflect the true alignment. But the attention is in the trust and light of the restored Communion and not in the world of form.

The temptation to see in terms of form is the forgetting of Purpose - whose forms always serve Meaning and not a multiverse of made up meanings.