Freedom, identity and healing

The ego aspect wants to be free of limitations in order to do otherwise impossible things.

The love that you are wants to be free of limitation in order to be all that it is - regardless of the doings that that might or might not give rise to.

To abide and hold with all that you are - and to trust and follow the Direction of your own love seems an Impossibility in terms of the world and all of what its teaching and learning has facilitated. And it is this 'doing' that is asked of each of us as the welcome and faith in the Living Word in our Heart.

In the living out of this in our lives, we seem often to pass through drama, messy involvements, fears and struggles against adversity. Yet in all honesty awake one can truly say that God - or Love - did all the work and all I did was to somehow (by grace!) keep the way and the channel open.

To shut down our heart is to crucify ourselves. And our body and world will faithfully reflect our thought and intent in our experience. To keep our heart open is in effect to give it back to its Source.

In the world the Heart is hidden and therefore secret.

In God it is the other way around.

To bring the world back into alignment with God is to forgive and release the desire for a secret self - and let Peace restore a wholly guiltless mind.

The pain of longing is an unrecognised Communion - seen through the frame of its apparent loss. Zeal must be tempered with humility, or we proceed as if we know - based on certainties that would not hold without being forcefully maintained.

The problem is the answer unrecognised. But the problem also 'solves itself' in the world by presenting itself as it is not - (dissociation). To be guided from the decoys and distractions - in honesty - to the truth of the problem - will uncover the truth. And the answer will become obvious once the problem is no longer hidden.

Our sense of separation from Self - from Life - from Love - From God - is more terrible than mere words could ever convey. It is our death ... But look again - with desire to see truly - as the heart bids you in all sanity to allow.

The mind that thinks it can leave or deny the heart is itself but a thought. Pick it up and see all Oneness seem to fragment and collapse upon itself. Be turned to allow love's Movement and see all fragmentation and conflicting identity dissolve.