True Desire

The True desire of our heart is simply uncovered by revelation.
It cannot be manufactured or coerced and yet remain truth.
And like anything True it is one with all that Truth is.

Truth can be obscured from our awareness.
Identification with the seeming capacity to do so sets up the problem beneath the problems.
For not knowing the truth That we Are is the only sickness.

Arising out of the grasp and distortion of reality we make a mind that has confused individuality of God’s Expression with a private mind thinking love-lessly.
We can choose to use our mind uncreatively – but not outside the law of creation.
If we choose separating from Love’s Movement or Felt Life, then we see and experience as ‘separate(ing) mind’.
As long as we value or desire anything in this mindset of force we will bind ourselves to its loveless vision.

False desire may operate automatically by deeply entrenched habit and seems to be reflected as reality within and without.
Minds that share this addiction are all programmed as validating each other to maintain the game in which conflict is taken to be really real.
Yet the complexity of defensiveness that has been made to attempt to coerce truth to an unshared or false desire is irrelevant to its foundation – which is that of remaining unaware of your true desire.

A sense of our true desire may arise from any unguarded moment.
To accept and receive this knowing is to allow its movement to embody through us.
It is always Life and is always Present. Its recognition is in the heart – directly.

It may also express as a result of a sense of frustrated being that IS presently recognised as essentially unfulfilling and not actually desired.
This is a state of mind from which liberation is desirable.
Yet attention is trapped in its own attempt to solve or salve itself within the unmindful premise of its own seemingly independent power.

Holy Spirit is Original mind restated in which we can directly look upon thought and attention and their results as a knowing and not merely a further thinking.

It is also the honesty of seeing and observing altogether presently. For when nothing else is asserted in its place it is revealed as the living Presence of what you are – at a level and in a form that is relevant to releasing your current level of ignorance.

We mostly have very little idea the degree to which our every experience, interaction, communication and perception is predicated upon thought and desire.
These thoughts can be translated by aligning with awakened or true desire such that less and less is obstructing the natural realisation of truth.
For Realisation is simply the release of the mind that one is not, into direct experience that is primarily felt as communion- participation.

This can be expressed thus:
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. Love your neighbour as yourself.

Such is not a social 'should' but the truth revealed and expressed. The Truth is Given - but its acceptance requires freely releasing the false.

The nature of the false was its replacement of truth, and so the restoration of the truth of the mind that you truly are, is the perfect home-be-ing of a heart that feels and knows and expresses and embodies life – without apology or justification.

This has been a meditation for me
and is also shared.

Practicing the presence
is not really a word thing
but words are not really word things.
They are messengers of the mind that gives and receives.

In Peace