Special relationship

Special relationship is an A Course in Miracles term for holy relationship being (mis)used for unholy purpose.
Basically the ego only sees form (its own asserted meanings) and thus is blind to Innate Meaning. (The Course calls this content).

Relationships are getting devices to the ego.

Bu they are the opportunity to share love – to know what love is; to know what you Are.

In any moment that we presently open to Spirit and allow Relationship to Be – our relationship is holy. The Holy spirit needs and uses our special relationships – IF you allow this – to teach and free the mind of its self delusion.

The thing that is to be abandoned is the wilful exertion and demand: “Me, my and mine’”
This has to be seen for what it is – as it is – by who you really are.
Then it will not be desired when you see its cost is the loss of ‘Knowing Thy Self’ – which is shared joy, fulfilment, peace and a radiant disposition. Love knows itself love and is a disposition of ‘I love you’. Split mind has lost what love is in search of specialness and can only say ‘do you love me’ or I will do the form of love to you ...if or as long as ...

One of the great Initiations that awaits anyone who has not yet really let love Be is to be ‘welcome to the human race’ and to enter into joyful and real relationship with one and with each and with all. Our essential humanity is our Divinity embodied. The realisation of such an initiation is the same as the Prodigal’s return. Your relationship with anyone is your brother recognised or unrecognised.
The recognition of Brother or Sister is the awakening Mind of the Son. Creation. The Father expressed.

The seeming un-spiritual-ness of others must be a reflection of the use to which we are putting the relationship. Spiritual is just a term for real, genuine, honest, actual direct present living. It has become associated with otherworldly metaphysical thinking. This is nothing without love.

In Peace