The 'world' and A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles has been often been taken as a thought system to be intellectually understood and applied to one’s life in hope to improve it - because that is the habit and culture of the times we mostly live in. I don't know if that is altogether helpful. It was not my guidance to undertake that approach. It seems to me to be like making the error real and then attempting to fix it. I find it helpful to remain in not knowing until the Spirit illuminates. (And not pre-empt this with comparisons, deductions and interpretations that can only express what you already ‘know’).

I feel it is in opening relationship with Holy Spirit – using the Course as it serves – that facilitates a corrected thought system. The Holy Spirit is nothing more than your – my right Mind. And is the correction for wrong mindedness. One Mindedness is uninterrupted while we frighten ourselves with ideas that seem to make love unreal. This must be so despite the experience we mutually tend to invite and reinforce via judgment applied and believed – which you associate with the messed up world.

Rather than enter into relationship with Holy Spirit we will while ego-bound much rather associate externally. This is hardly something to be surprised at for this is the pattern that the Course is offered to un-stick us from. Because we cannot relate externally and enjoy real relationship – its just arbitrary forms that have shared definitions but don't mean anything except a lack of joy is occurring in the mind that asserts its ‘new clothes’.

The forms of truths can get bandied about as currency that children use like shields and sticks to play with.
But the Truth is beyond form – and yet not beyond realisation.
It must be the truth of you – if not the validation of any ideas about you that you have come to accept as you.
It cannot be put into words. But there are innumerable teachings and sayings that are truth inspired – and at the level of form they do not agree.

The participation in the desire for healing is the context in which truths become keys to be used and passed beyond.

No matter how good an understanding I develop I must altogether be willing to let it all go if I am to let love Be itself. As you allow yourself to released of the world and its self you are free to behold with innocent eyes. What is there to behold? There is really nothing outside our mind but that is not true in respect of the fenced off mind who has projected onto and dissociated from Self – and makes it ‘other’.

If we used the term form for world and the term Spirit for Meaning would it be difficult to see that the forms are the vehicles of Expression and not anything of themselves at all?
Yet we have learned to take forms and give them our own meanings.

In violation of the 1st and 2nd commandments. There is no Reality but Reality. To accord reality to made images (judgements) is to worship your own reflection as a maker. Even though the images are freeze frames from the Living Flow. For the Now is Alive and is the only Life.
“Behold I make all things new!”
“ Er hang on Dad – I want to explore this idea I have.
“I am the Alpha and the Omega”
“Yes I know dad but I have this project that I am attending to in the meantime”.
“You are my dearly beloved Son”
“Can you stop interfering – I am finding it hard to keep my focus on my work here” (slams door)

Forms are tangible because they are recognisably serving the function of identifying Expression.
They identify as extension of the truly projected or shared Mind– and the reflection of the withheld mind. The latter obscures the former while the withholding – or judgment – is held to.
Now when the world of ego having an experience all for himself herself as they determine it, is released to the totality of what is simply the indivisible truth, will you call it World, or Be ing or Mind or Living Universe or God or Totality or Selflessness or Emptyness or The no Mind or Creation or something no one has ever called it before?

And when you attempt to communicate it you will find that you cannot express it in any but the terms of the experiences of separation. Yet it communicates through you as spontaneous play of relationship.
How many words does it take to open to the spontaneous play of felt relationship? None.

Recognition renders the form transparent of to its function. The world disappears as any sense of separation-experience. Because there can be no separation. Only a split mind that wants to play at separation and has become mesmerised in its own game to the forgetting of what it is.

Now lets say that you focus on the form of an aspect of the Glory of Being and hold that image in your attention, disregarding the flowing movement of being, then you are holding a judgment. Making exclusion. It may be that the image is Gloriously alive and energising to give attention to and that the act of lingering is itself a feeling of Bliss – but the process of leaving is engaged and the prodigal has forgot his Father while raiding the fridge!

It’s late here and this may read all awry tomorrow but I feel to share it as it is any way.

In Peace