A Teacher of God? What could this mean?

Jesus in A Course in Miracles said that the instant you see your brother as yourself – then Salvation is here and you are a Teacher of God.
These Holy Instants are love-miracles that replace old grievances whereby mind locks itself in hell by its own self-assertions.
It may be that some teach A Course in Miracles and believe they are a Teacher of God.
Titles and appearances are liable to become vanities and obstacles.

To be a Teacher of God is to be a Learner of God.

As God is, there is nothing to Teach and nothing to Learn.
Learning to let God be That which Is and to assert no other will where I am than what is given me as I receive is of course to release the learning I made for myself that asserted a world and self for myself.

There isn't anything the world can give that can make up for the joy of being at Rest in God. And there isn't anything the World can take away from it.
This isn't in order to set up self tests to prove to self or selves, it is the touchstone by which you recognise the Truth where the Truth Is – and see where you are yet externalising the mind in residual conflictedness that is arising to be loosened and undone.

Isn't is simply so that the ego puts a feather into its cap after You have had an awakening or healing instance!
These are things that must simply be outgrown. The insistence on hurting ourselves could be called dangerous in that it seems to present itself as a way of saving ourselves. But if one can allow the simple truth in the heart to be known then we have wished ourself separate and this does act in our heart until we recognise we do not want it now. Because the Holy Spirit is the mind of God within us that loves Truth – and knows for us what we Truly desire and are.
This does not require vanities and errors of conceit or insanity to be absent – it merely requires that amidst any such temptations we choose for peace and in faith – despite the appearances and thoughts of self-unworthiness.

For it is exactly THIS that is to be undone. If we attempt to tidy it up according to our own plan it will be withheld from the Holy Spirit and we will suffer a sterile and futile righteousness that has made a tidy hell in which to suffer ‘nearer’ to God than the evil and wretched below us who plainly don't have our understanding blah blah blah.

I declare that we do not desire to be unconscious in our heart, to our heart, from our heart.
Be still and instant and remember God.

in Love's blessing