The Universe does not dissappear - it is Revealed

Life is not cling-able or controllable. This isn't fatalistic because Life is infinitely appreciate-able as it is. That the mind-set of control must be abandoned to regain participation as joy is just the way it is. But focussing on the dark or the difficult only feeds it.

I have been Graced to be aware of the Light in which I am Created.
It is the very and pure light of love. This has nothing of any currency or value to anything that the ego-identity values or aspires. Absolutely nothing. Why would it be said - ‘no man looks on God and lives’?
It is so. Release as Jesus shows and there is a dawning of Spirit in the mind that thought itself limited in and by a body.

If anything in these (totally inadequate) words resonates – it is the same. It is direct. It is present.

There is no world here.
This is always true – you cannot be a a body in a world.
(But you can be through a body in communion with the mind that is the truth of the world).

The division of inside outside is a tool – applied to an Indivisibility.
When the inner and the outer are as one – thy whole body be full of light.

It (was) too close to what I am to be ascribed attributes of time and space. But the seed-root essence of all things is Here. My eyes were as a newly woke – I have a much greater intuition of the ’world’ that is Oneness than I have memory imprint.

All the world (was) outshone – and in no way (was) anything done to it. Nor did it go anywhere else.
Attention was surrendered to its source. This was spontaneous and did not really constitute an experience that I can say happened to me – because the absence of ‘me’ was the very spontaneity that let the Light – of itself – know itself – and magnify at its root. It is all things.

There is a phrase - ‘unfinished business’ - this is the best I can say for why the process of focus that we call the world took my attention again.
This ‘world’ and its dreaming mind is held in a Space and Light and Silence of which the human mind cannot conceive. I cant at all conceive it.
But I know that this knowing is the Life itself. God is the Knowing God. There can be none other. To be an other is to forget the Knowing in self-limitation.
Nothing in all my experience of Grace or Love has ever denied Individuality. To the contrary. But Individuality is not independently asserted will. It is the Presence of the Father as the totality of what is be-ing right where you are.

That Divine Interruption was nine years after a previous opening had uncovered the roots of terror – why? because I refused and denied the truth. It had no place in it for 'me'. I would not let go of 'me'.

I was then totally unprepared and had no living capacity for intimacy in myself – or with another.
Terror was a part of the result of a desire to force a crash landing as self survival. No wonder.

But even in the most fearful extremity there was a part of the mind that was curious – that wanted to return to where I was running from. This was a moment’s incongruity to me then for I would in that fear have trod on anyone to get my own head 'above water'.
But the realisation was that my so called life was a lie - a running away from love, from my self – all dressed up and hidden in 'a world'. I now see that consciously running away was the first step of love’s awakening in me. In the process of reconfiguring the vehicle to receive Light..

After that I had a crash course in learning of love because I could not seal the doors by judging the Opening as evil – or indeed insane.
It just isn't in me to do this. But I see that many do and I understand. I would have too if I could have.
But I am grateful to have been led from such a mind.

Now in truth I have to say that the choice for my-self-apart - was a mechanism to which I have attachment. It was and is not the choice of my heart, but was an expression of confusion.
Yet as a result of there being a love of truth in me - despite great fear - I came to know my heart and trust it and share love.

The shift from being to thinking is a sleight of mind.

The real world is the expression of love within the framework of a self-world.
The Father is Reality and gives it to the Son who is the manifestation – the embodiment – the expression. The Son has no reality but the Father’s, but is the Father’s will embodied – in languages that are knowable, recognisable, that feel like something.
Whether the body is perceived in seed thought, light, thoughts, feelings, desires or density – its divinity is that it witnesses for you. That you are.
Now I confess that I have learned to see other bodies in ways that can really freak me out – but I know that the willingness to look beyond the body as an object and connect in blessing and recognition with my Brother Sister in God’s Son is to gain the vision that can see the one more and more clearly.

Simply holding a hand
feeling the love
in the ordinary light of awareness.
We turn to meet
To look upon this one
with no trace or stain of past.

this recognition grew
and all about and everyone
the same.

All was bright
All was clear
nothing to obscure.
totally present

Invisible to the world.
Right in the open.
Time waits outside
My Father’s House
is Eternal Love.

The witnesses to willingness are needed in a world devoted to wilfulness.
Giving as we have received, we learn to keep.
Our gratitude for love is the willingness to share it.
Our Brother brings remembrance to us.
As we are willing to receive.