get out of the way!

The attributes of truth are – like truth itself - not communicable to the mind that thinks to control truth.

Under ‘ego sense’ I has its own version of light , peace and joy. But its ‘within-ness’ is devoid of love – no matter how much energy is exerted to make a presentation – and no matter whether I or anyone else accepts the presentation as if it were presence.

In terms of such a masked perspective – I does not and cannot know ‘what’ it is that is being allowed, and opened to - when moved to refuse or forego ego strategy’. For this is opening into relationship from attempted control at expense of real relationship.

Faith is an inner formless knowing-feeling that pre-exists any thought process of my own and which is part of the same knowing that knows my own thought but renders loveless unreality.

The ceaseless occupation of the mind is an avoidance of the recognition of the lack of loving-connection, now. To be still enough to notice and abide with disquiet and acknowledge it is so, is a real step.

For the mind in deluded self protection would seduce attention with whatever distraction works, so as to keep the within-ness of you out of mind.
Such is a mechanism employed by an old repetitive desire, yet you can learn to watch it so as not to be seduced into mesmeric compulsion.

In such blindness, Living Moment is obscured. Living Movement is unfelt. Living Love unshared. The restoration to your mind to your true Mind is salvatory. For you are thus ‘saved’ from your illusions of life unshared.

Only in such awakening love can we know that ego is not here – for the wholeness of Mind embraces and includes all that it is – and judges not against itself.

The breakthrough intuitions and glimpses of truth may seem fleeting and momentary – for the mind of control is deeply habituated – and does close down the trust in which light is freely shared – even though it may seem to be in the name of a good or well meaning intent.

It can be a long and hard lesson to uncover the deceptions whereby we seek to add the ‘Kingdom’, to all things we have first assumed to our selves.

The wish to love does in part hold symbol of the embers of true desire – but the will to love can only arise from the movement of being itself.
It could be said that our job is to ‘get out of the way’.

The story of Diogenes comes to mind: Diogenes was a Stoic philosopher who lived in some kind of barrel and became famously wise. Alexander the great, desired to meet and listen to this one and so travelled to where he lived and asked of him his wisdom – offering “anything in my empire that you desire as a reward”. Diogenes responded thus: “Step aside, for you are blocking my sunlight”.

This could be interpreted as defiance and independence of spirit relative to worldly power – but I see a direct and true awakening gift – from love to love.