Be-loved thou art

1. Those who would become enlightened, peaceful, and loving, must give way to the arising of light, peace and joy - which is come in response to truth-desire.

2. Let the ‘wish to become someone or something’ yield to the truth that already shares itself as Movement of Creation.

3. Accept the ‘already life’ of your eternal being by releasing the mind-life that seems to be ‘going somewhere’, (the progressive model of attaining escape or return).

4. Awaken to the Effulgence of the light of Truth and let that Expression through you - reveal all things anew.

5. Listen to the way, the truth and the light and be as one and at one - as your truth and nature reveals in trust.

6. Abide in the silence of being - in which you make and assert no image of self.

7. Love is your redeemer in the heart. Joy shines witness in unselfconscious demeanour. Gratitude sings praise of upwelling wholeness of Life.

8. May the glimpses of shared holiness, accepted, become the greening of the desert. Turn from the self and world of lack.

9. Be-loved thou art.


The above came as a morning meditation.

(1) The first sentence reminds me of John the Baptist as rendered by Holy Spirit in NTI – but calls attention to the Presence (Holy Spirit/Jesus) – here and now – of our true and inviolate sanctity.

(2-3) The next two sentences speak of that by which we are deceived into motions of a self defeating nature. The idea of a self that is accepted - or identified as self- is like the bait with which we run – and get hooked into a futile attempt to overcome. fix, or struggle within.

(4) Yet our true context is the Already Life – but this knowing cannot reach attention while attention is fully engaged in pseudo mode. We cannot imagine how beautiful and wondrous is the nature of truth awakened – but by the relinquishment of the effort to (imaginatively) self create – Truth will dawn from within of itself.

(5) Practice (live) from the ground of revealed and received truth – which is of consistent willingness to be with what is – as it is. (6).

The fruits of Spirit give witness to its expression, though their Source is unspeakable. (7).

The mind of lack and lustre will seem to close over the moments of shared being that penetrate the dream - until allegiance shifts to always accept love of truth before self-made meanings. (8).

Being and its expression. Ours to share in. Ours to give and receive. Our simple truth.

The space: an invitation to move in trust and freedom. (10)

in Love's blessing