Awakening to the real world

I am not inclined to be critical of any living being - but when there is an assertion that purports to be true and yet is not true, I feel the authority of life - the innate right - to speak as I am moved to speak.

If I were reacting against error - I would make it real to myself. That is not my desire.

When anything is humanly held to be truth that is not true, it has to be asserted, maintained and defended - because its real power is given it by its makers, who identify, and are justified to themselves thereby.

The human world experience is an alloy of both wheat and tares because it is the effect of confusion of both the true and the false.

The primary error is the belief that it is up to 'us' - or me or you - to determine truth. For such is the constitution of an 'orphaned' or 'divorced' mind.

All attempts to heal, or bring harmony and accord, have - or use - an element of truth, but until truth awakens to its own there is the underlying liability of a false self serving will. Which always brings discord and suffering even if it seems to temporarily please a partial perspective.

Recognizing this liability, has brought into play what Raj calls 'negative cooperations'; the designed and agreed arrangement of checks and balances to constrain the excesses of the exertion of power. These may also express and appeal to a higher level of responsibility, toward a greater sense of shared life than a blind self interest.

However, a blind self interest, sees and uses all things to gain personal advantage - without real or heartfelt regard for truth and makes a moral superiority of validity for itself out of truths that would - if brought into realization - correct the mind of its blindness and restore to truth in wholeness.

The world-in-limitation works like a veil to distorts miracle impulses, (communication), such that love seems to be a weak power struggling amidst opposition to act or have effect. This is because power - in terms of belief, attention and identification - is given to fear.

Your mind given to fear wills yet to ‘be free’ to limit love, that a part from it you can experience for yourself.

This can be seen as a freedom expressed - but not extended - for the freedom to deny love in favour of a partiality is to limit the limitless. Within the framework of such experience, limitation is also the tool by which the experience is managed.

Yet all of the experience of limitation is founded on - and in - the desire that a part from Truth you can experience for yourself.

The mind in chaos tends to contract, withdraw and regain its sense of stability from association with that which gives it validity as good - or at least works against the rising fear to stem the flood.

But the flood of chaos is but a misperception of life, to a mind locked into control, that is dicovering it has no control.

When the world is changed it is because the dream of how it was thought to be is simply not supported. This is the great opportunity to flip from wanting truths - for yourselves to weave another dream - into letting truth move your desire.

But be comforted - that even in error, is your true awareness present and abiding. Awaiting your welcome.

This is true for all. All are welcome in the awareness of God.

May we use the structures of limitation to dissolve the fears that demand limitation.
May we embrace the loves of the world in a deeper trust as being the love - beyond persons, beyond flags or loyalties to anything external to the Movement of Being Itself - for Which and in Whom let no substitute, image, symbol or concept, interpose itself.

Our every thought is a vote - not in a real contest - but in the densifying or enlightening of experience. As long as we vote with the thoughts that make the world we will have it. Yet in any thought that is truly shared - we are restored instantly to awareness.

There is a political aspect to the Kingdom of Heaven - in exactly the wise that Jesus and many others demonstrate - but it is free of the politics of fear, of coercion, of deceit and guile.

"What would love have me do? What is the Father's Will? What is the true desire in the silence and trust of the heart?"

Here is no template employed, nor database of holy answers and solutions applied in presumption of righteousness.

What does this trust embodied,look like? Perhaps it looks like working with the enemy, or betraying the principles that uphold all that is conceived lawful and just, or as a masking deception with supernatural power. Because to the mind in the grip of fear, love cannot be real - otherwise the love of self-in-struggle can no longer be supported.

For to love, there can not be an enemy - but that it becomes the way to listen more deeply - and in willingness extended - be healed of a shadow power.

Only the heart communicates, and rejoices in communion.

The mind judges and accords 'communication' to that which validates what it already asserts.

Seek therefore the messengers of love that are open secret. Release the mind in judgement by not listening there.

If there are particular issues at the level of nations or social or political matters, then let us address them each for what they reveal - and not amidst a presumption of identity that demands or insinuates blind allegiance.

I do feel the wave that realizes usurpation has occurred and is yet active. But I do not address the effects in the world - for to keep it in the world is to keep the addiction to usurpation.

There are always those in every walk of life and function who are open to communication. But not to manipulation or coercion.

If we need peace as the condition in which love is known - then we need to look in terms of willingness to listen and show listening is true by the quality of response. But until a fundamental trust is uncovered - we listen not - but interpret. Love is an intimacy in which judgement cannot intrude - and in which apparent past intrusions have clearly had no effect.

Our own acceptance of atonement - of perfect love - is the gift through which the world is undone of  a density of guilt.

Therefore observe the mind that limits or withdraws or contracts - rather than let it act through you.

Miracles are the communication of love within the dream, that speak for you awake.

In Peace