Dramatis personae

Conflict can offer a drama that we can feel impelled to watch - take a side - switch allegiances - in page turning fascination to see the turns and twists of the plot.
While it is seen as ‘between others’ it can be engaged as a gladiatorial tv show, or a ‘reality tv soap’ upon which we may ‘enjoy’ exercising our opinions of the contenders and their merits and demerits. A ringside seat with only the frisson of a virtual engagement through the proxy players - enacting and re-enacting the endless scripts of jockeying positions within malcontent. Such intent attention feeds the arena with roles that tend to compel the other into acting out the fantasy.

But consider this ... the dramatic roles are assigned within one mind in split mode and do not have independent reality. No victimiser can exist an instant but a victim must cry foul. None can be unfairly treated if love’s inclusion remains extended.

Bad behaviour is simply the inevitable expression of split mind thinking.
The behaviour itself may be controlled - but this is not itself healing.

Conflict arises from the imposition of good-bad judgements. Good-bad is unknown to the mind of God. In God is none such judgement in personal terms. Absolute-ly not.
Yet once asserted, good-bad mind splits that which we call good - the aspects of life we may attempt to grasp, with that we call bad - the aspects of life we tend to recoil from or push away.

In vain illusion that such a conflict can succeed - we pull and push at all things as if we were a ‘self’ that exists separately from the polarities of all that we meet. As if only the ‘good bits’ that conform to my private specification for life are to prevail - and the bad bits are to disappear - fade from sight - or be overcome. Enormous effort is expended - great force applied - great attachments made - in sheer folly.

Absence of the conflictedness of ‘split mind’ comes from neglecting to energise and identify our current perception. For a disconnected perception is our wish and judgement made tangible upon the experience of a polarized sense of being.

Being ... of itself, is not polarised into good and bad, it simply is as it is.
It needs no champion - but loves your mind as its Own - regardless of thoughts that are entertained. Your Being never leaves you.
The remembrance and desire for such Grounding Love arises in the heart that is stirring within the dream, and from this comes willingness and promptings to open to a fresh perception - a joined or connected perception. Out of a wholly present relationship embraced.

The mind of good-bad is exchanged, step by step, for the mind of true-false, whose determinations are not made by self-engaged thinking - or even according to inspired teachings - but is accepted as outcome of the experience and willingness of opening within. Even as a wave-surfer accepts the dynamic flow of balance that embraces all polarity in riding the wave in a single relationship.

True-false mind simply can not be wielded as shield or sword or invisibility cloak. It is the surrender of the mind of defended self interest into a greater trust that speaks the heart of a single un-split relationship. It cannot be rendered into words or teachings, it cannot be owned by religion - nor can it be attacked, defiled or coerced. It is our own Right Mind - our Holy Spirit. The link of God-truth to a wandering attention, lost to its own self fascinations.

Else-where and else-when may seem yet to be our flowing now - while perception plays out. Yet as we ask and receive we find in this very instant the Light that restores the Ground of the heart to a mind that forgets - and forgets again! But we give thanks for that we are, that anything is, and that all is as it is.

Letting our split-mind lose appeal is letting our true mind be - and be through us. There never can be an outcome that settles all into tidy satisfactions, but the habit of self-competition settles as an old toy no longer employed.

“In my end is my beginning” *

In Peace


At that moment the Prophet felt his mind enraptured and taken away to be replaced with an astonishing secret. He was placed in the Fields of God's Eternity and Endlessness. In the first he found no beginning and in the second he found no end. Then God revealed to Him: "My end is in My beginning and My beginning is in My end." Then the Prophet knew that all doors were absolutely closed except those that led to God, that God cannot be described within the confine of a place in speech, and that God encompasses the everywhere of all places. This is a secret that no tongue can be stirred to express, no door opened to reveal, and no answer can define. He is the Guide to Himself and the Lord of His own description. He is the Beauty of all beauty and the speech by which to describe Himself belongs to Him alone.

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